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Nintendo 3DS Demo Tour in San Francisco with video reactions from "Real" people.

On Friday night I got a chance to check out the Nintendo 3DS at Pier 39 in San Francisco during Nintendos hands on Demo Pod Event. Nintendo brought its guns out blazing with dozens of demo units with marketing materials and plopped it right in the middle of one of San Francisco's biggest tourist hang outs. They had all the launch games ready to try out for as long as you wanted. Go and check Nintendo's website to see if there is a demo event near you. We captured some video of the event with real people reacting and giving their thoughts while playing the device for the first time.

If you would like to see more of the event, I've posted more images at the jump and for my in-depth thoughts on the 3DS, listen up for the next episode of the podcast. Episode 42 coming Monday.

Below are a series of pictures from the event, with some brief descriptions of what I saw.

The Demo Pod. Where the magic happens.
Shooting my own face in Face Raiders. My favorite game on display.
The launch lineup of games for the US.
Periscope mode in the game Steel Diver.
These guys wouldn't leave the Pod after they kicked everyone else out.
If you see this bus, chase it down.
Move that bus!

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