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WBMT EP 70: Dragon's Dogma Fap Fest

We're back with a new episode that is just in the nick time for E3. We do some speculation about the kind of news we'll see coming out of E3 and what the big 3 will bring to the table that will get us chomping at the bit. Can Nintendo surprise a highly skeptical industry that it can play in the HD arena?

Dragon's Dogma is the highlight of the podcast where we break down what we like, what we don't like, and give you a good idea if this is going to be a game for you. We also compare it to Skyrim, since it seems to be the only thing the internet wants to talk about. How did Capcom's new IP fare against our fickle tastes? Find this out and more on this weeks Who Burned My Toast!

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Where to find the Berserk Armor in Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma has a nice little tie in with the amazing Berserk Anime that has got me and hopefully you, excited. Capcom Unity posted this livestream on launch day revealing a huge boss and disclosing the only location where you can find and purchase the armor sets for Guts and Griffith. Instead of making you watch the whole video I'm going to just let you know where to find it, but I highly recommend checking out the live stream if you're even remotely curious about the game. It's good stuff.

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So here it is, about one-third of the way through the game there will be a quest from the merchant Alon at "The Ancient Quarry". Take the path that directly leads West from Gran Soren. The merchant must be outside at the main entrance and is the only guy in town that is going to cough up the goods. Return to the merchant and complete the quest. The merchant will then have moved inside near the beginning section of the quarry. You're looking for the Thousand Troops set for Guts and the White Hawk set for Griffith. Have fun living your dream Berserk fans and start saving up your gold!


E3 2012. Forever Alone.

Most people don’t bother to look at me. Some don’t even seem to notice my existence. Gamers have done this ritual thousands of times before. I’m old news to them. Years of playing video games has served them well with the muscle-memory equivalent to a trained athlete. To most I’m just an extension of their bodies. A conduit that delivers them full control and immersion into the video game world in front of them.

This is my life as a Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale demo unit Dualshock controller. Forever alone.


Our Nintendo 3DS Friend List User Guide

We hope this helps you better understand how to successfully use the Nintendo 3DS Friend List.


WMBT EP 69: Constipated Monkey Hot Slut

Alright, you may be sitting there asking yourself a few questions. What does it mean? What the hell happened? Is this even a video game podcast? What's a Monkey hot slut?

This ridiculous title and more will become clear when you listen to this weeks episode of Who Burned My Toast. When it's over, eat a cookie and you will be as right as rain.

We cover Dragon's Dogma, Ghost Recon Future Solider BETA, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the Black Ops II announcement and talk about our favorite NES and SNES RPG's. Thanks for listening and don't forget to leave comments below. Let us know what some of your favorite old school RPG's left a special place in your heart.

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