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Your thoughts on how to best play Monster Hunter
on the 3DS.

Come to me MH 3DS.
Three or four weeks ago (I can't freakin' remember, I'm old dammit) I put out a call for the community to give me some feedback on their thoughts about how they would like to play Monster Hunter on the 3DS. If and when the game screeches it way onto the system, there are some interesting ways Capcom could change up the controls for the dimensionally aware handheld. I yelled, I did unmentionable things in an alley, and I begged on the blog for feedback as well as made my way to the Capcom Unity forums to get some thoughts from the hardest of the hardcore. Here is what I got back from the Monster Hunter fanbo... errr I mean community. Tee hee. thoughts on MH 3DS controls. filled out one of my templates with his thoughts on playing the game and said "I think the touch pad could be used for interesting things... still not sure about the dash/evade buttons I have set up... as I think flicking the Circle Pad twice in one direction would be a great way for it to register evade... but I don't know how that would function over a button press it is!"

Many people here and on the Capcom Unity forums made their voices loud and clear. Some took the challenge with grace and some decided to start a flame war between the 3DS and the NGP (PSP2). Luckily, I weeded through the trolls to bring you some of the best ideas and hidden gems from the fans. Here they are in all their glory.

Flame shields were raised.
Regulas wrote:
"I've been thinking. Why don't they just keep the same exact controls the PSP has?Who ever said the analog had to be for movement and the D-pad for the camera? Why can't it just be the D-pad for movement and the analog for the camera? Think about it. "

Kevin wrote: "same controls as psp just use the touch screen for the camera, it would take some getting used to but i think it would be the best option." 

Ashiee wrote: "Simple - I wouldn't.
If the next MH game goes to 3DS I refuse to buy it. I'm not paying $350 for a darn handheld console that wrecks my eyes, makes me dizzy and makes my hands hurt after 15 minutes of play.And if I have to control ANYTHING with the stylus I'll be even more PO'd with it."

Ryan wrote:"Even if Monster Hunter did come on a handheld with two analog sticks, attacking would be very hard. You'd have to make another claw move just to attack, and in my opinion having a great game like Monster Hunter and only being able to move the camera and your character, would be a waste of time. And honestly, a 'claw' move on MH3DS would work out smoothly. I'm thinking of an auto-camera type thing, you move your character and the camera autmatically moves with you. And then of course every now and then you could use the D-pad to move the camera to take a potion while looking behind you. It'll all work out great if Capcom plans to follow through with it."

oz78  wrote: "Erm, It's official? monster hunter 3rd's going to PSP2? Shouldn't we just drop what's going where, how they work and try and look at what's good for each handheld?"

Asou808 wrote: "I think i would have to break my left index finger in an awkward position to be able to play on the DS."

Shade wrote: "My idea: Option for camera on touch or items on touch.
Camera on touch wouldn't change any other controls. For item on touch, y=R (put away option on touch screen) L and R are camera, and every thing else is the same. Wouldn't take any getting used to, methinks. Or you could do L+Slide is move camera, but I don't think it would work as well."

Snake wrote: I'm a little too lazy to make a picture for the controls. I think the touch screen should be the Menu, the motion controls could be used for the camera turning, you wouldn't have to turn the 3DS that far to make the camera rotate and it wouldn't knock off the 3D since there are games that use mainly motion controls."

Ashiee wrote:"You need to seriously get over people saying the 3DS is a DS, because IT IS A DAMN DS! The NGP IS a PSP. It is a PlayStation Portable console. 3DS is a DS with an extra control stick and 3D capabilities. That's ALL it is, so shut up about it not being a DS - it is. If it WASN'T, well it'd look nothing like a DS."

I threw in that last one for laughs.

Don't trust this man, he's crazy.

Snow wrote (Capcom Community Specialist): "Very carefully..."

Well that's it everyone. Thanks for all the people who gave feed back and I enjoyed reading everyone's ideas and woes about playing Monster Hunter on the 3DS (even though only some of us (Amado) have touched the thing yet). The last response from Snow I thought was not only a joke, but I think it was also a coy hint of things to come. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who told me that Capcom is focusing on another Monster Hunter for Nintendo. Seriously. But don't take my word for it.


  1. Just a thought...but since the 3DS has a gyroscope in it...Couldnt you tilt the 3DS for functions as well.

    My initial thought was for the camera...but this would probably prove better without the whole 3D thing.

    But it would be cool as a dodge/roll--since its a disorienting action anyway.

  2. @E.B. Geer. An interesting thought adding the dodge function to the gyroscope. That could actually work and yes lets make Monster Hunter more challenging!

    My only issue would be how accurate it would be if you needed to dodge multiple times in a row.

    The camera on the gyroscope all depends how small the window is for the 3D effect. Apparently its really small, so not sure if it will work. So your probably right.


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