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Bayonetta Blows... no not literally.

This game is what Devil May Cry 4 should have been. Well maybe not, I don't know how gamers would react to Dante spread eagle, doing a hand stand, with guns strapped to his feet, while shooting a bunch of floating cupid heads. It feels so much like Devil May Cry, even the over cheesy dialogue. I remember playing Devil May Cry 3, during it's first scene thinking "Wow people actually like this character? I can't even describe how stupid of a character he is, and what little effort they made to make him seem like a real person". Bayonetta is the same way, from the get go her personality is over-the-top STOOOOOOOPID.


Heavy Rain PS3: First Impressions

I'm just getting my grubby hands on Heavy Rain for the PS3 for the first time. I have been personally avoiding any media about the game to come at it fresh without any expectations. All I do know is that your trying to catch a serial killer called the Origami killer and you play as 4 different characters in a psychological thriller type story line. Well that's at least what the Gamefly game description has told me.

So the term play here is where I'm going to focus on right away. Within the first 5 minutes of the game (while waiting for game to install you get instructed to, you guessed it make Origami) its pretty clear that this game is a little different. You begin by waking up in bed on a bright sunny morning as a male character and your instructed to push up on the right analog stick to get out of bed. Right off I noticed that this guy got quite thebulge going on in his underpants. Your then quickly prompted to test how fast to get out of bed by pushing the right analog stick at your desired speed. The character will react according to your input. Then your instructed to walk around by holding down the R2 button and face the direction your walking with the left analog. A little different sure, but fine none the less. So now what? Oh yeah you need to listen to your characters thoughts to hear what they are thinking. I'm instructed to take a shower. Cool, sure I'll do that. As I start searching for the bathroom more boxes with directional arrows appear on objects in the room and as I explore the rest of the house I'm in. I check out the bird in it's cage chirping in the morning sunlight. Speaking of light the game sports some nice lighting effects and graphics. Finally I see a toilet and enter to take a leak, once I'm done watching the character take a leak I leavepromptly, but wait I forgot to flush the toilet. So I go back and flush. Phew close call, don't want to make the wife mad. Good things she's picking up the kids later.

Next I enter the bathroom where the shower is and instead of taking a shower I check out the counter space and decide to brush my teeth. To my surprise they are using the six axis for maximum immersion action, joy (ugh). Then I decided to have a shave and now need to master once again pushing the analog stick at the correct speed. Too fast now kids and your going to get a bad shave. So I have to re-shave a few spots I missed. Silly me, I must be tired this morning.

Finally the moment has come. I get to the shower and whoom! Off comes the underwear. My ass looks better than I remembered and it puts a smile on my face. Damn I look good. So I watch my new avatar take a shower, get a couple more looks at that perfect ass and dry off with some good ol' six axis controller shaking.

I must say so far this is an interesting game indeed and have no idea what angle this game is going to take, but with so much detail with the mundane nuances of life incorporated, I'm mildly intrigued. I feel like I'm part of some voyeuristic puppet side show or something. I'm not so sure about the gameplay mechanics I've see so far and how they'll be applied to the rest of the game. I'll report back soon. But now I think its time for my character to take another shower.


Review — The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

Platform: Wii
Developer: Project Aces
Publisher: XSeed

Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces for the Wii is an Aerial Combat Game developed by the Ace Combat series team Project Aces. These guys have been rockin' the genre and have done it the best on consoles for a long time now. Good thing for the Wii since it has an incredibly small list of flight games in it's library. If your in the market for this type of game then your not going find a better one in price or content than this. The game is only $29.99, so get off your ass and go buy it! Don't let the price fool you into thinking this is a bad game by any means. It's more than worth the price. For those of you that have stayed here to find out more. Let me fill you in some more at what your going to get for your money.


Holy crap a new Blaster Master Game.

Hey it's me again, your resident Nintendo dork here to let you guys know that from out of nowhere Sunsoft has released a new Blaster Master game titled "Blaster Master: Overdrive" for WiiWare (the peasants rejoice). It's not a remake, but a whole new game based on one of my favorite and insanely difficult childhood NES games. Nintendo just recently released the original Blaster Master on the Virtual Console back in December and there seems to be a trend recently where once a classic game gets released on VC then something totally new ends up appearing down the line. Pilotwings for the SNES was just released on the Virtual Console as well; could a new Pilotwings be far away?
0_o *head explodes.

I've posted a video and a link to the official announcement about the new release by Sunsoft. It almost seems like they didn't even know it was coming out, since they announced this last Friday and it's here now ready to download. It's $10 for admission for this wonderful surprise. Happy Gaming.