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Monster Hunter Tri Love


Can you guess which one of us is which?

Ah yes finally being released is Monster Hunter Tri! We hunted down BASTION of A moderator there to answer some of our questions, and well really just to annoy him.

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When internet randomness attacks!

So this has nothing to do with games AT ALL, but I was working on this ol' blog here typing away happily and making a nice link to post of the blog url. Well I got around to checking the link in the post I was working on and clicked the link below.

I thought we had been hacked by some crazies. I have no idea why this site exist or even why its named the url it is, but its just F'in weird. All it takes is one missplaced letter my friends and you find internet gold. Or maybe in this case some scary shit. I hope someone didn't go looking for our site and ended up there.


Mass Effect 2 The Review

Mass Effect 2 Review
Platform: 360, PC, PS3
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action RPG

Story: You are Commander Shepard, and your on the Normandy (your ship duh). Things happen, and you find yourself "Acquired" by a group of people called Cerberus. These people apparently were not your friends in part 1, but in this one, you work for them.

They have hired you to gather a group of people to find out why colonies of humans are disappearing. Humans, Aliens, Robots, dirty alien sex--it's all there.