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WiiU Launch Day Unboxing Event and I Might Be Wearing a Yoshi Costume, If You're Lucky

Come join us for a WiiU launch day unboxing event. We'll be streaming live and you can come in, ask questions and see how this whole WiiU thing is going to ultimately work or fail. It's ustream so we'll try to do some coverage of the WiiU interface and hopefully a game or two if the connection holds up.

As a special bonus if you guys can drum up 150 likes for the facebook page, I'll wear my Yoshi Halloween costume that fits ages 10 and under. See you then.

Details: 11/18 11am PST


Musicast 21: Metroid Series

This Musicast has been a long time coming (Sorry listener Charlie Chang for making you wait so long). The Metroid series has some of the most praised soundtracks of any game out there. We spin some of the classics as well as some inspired and impressive covers from this amazing game.

  1. Title Metroid - Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka
  2. Brinstar Metroid - Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka
  3. Metroid 'Suite for Violin and Piano' OC ReMix - Gabe Terracciano, Shnabubula
  4. Opening Super Metroid (Destroyed Science Academy Research Station) - Minako Hamano
  5. Theme of Super Metroid - Kenji Yamamoto
  6. Seeds From The Depths - Terminator
  7. Norfair - Ancient Ruins Area - Kenji Yamamoto
  8. Metroidprime_distress signal - XOC
  9. Metroid Prime 3 Theme/Bryyo - Metroid Metal
  10. Super Cranial Syphon [Drum Poetries] - Arm Cannon
  11. Melting Sun - Pyro Paper Planes - Harmony of a Hunter
  12. The Ending - Metroid Metal

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Cover art by: Noe Leyva and at Deviantart


Musicast 20: Mechwarrior 2

We're proud to release this new Musicast episode lovingly put together by our contributor Drew Aydelott. Please do enjoy this great episode. - Amado

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat is a vehicle simulation game developed and released by Activision in 1995, as part of the MechWarrior series of video games in the BattleTech franchise. Originally developed for DOS, it was ported to a variety of platforms including Windows, Apple Macintosh, and the game consoles Sega Saturn and PlayStation (as MechWarrior 2: Arcade Combat Edition).

Developer: Activision
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Vehicle Simulation Game
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Windows, Apple, Sega Saturn and Playstation
Writer: Zachary Norman
Composer: Kelly Walker Rogers, Gregory Alper, Jeehun Hwang

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Musicast 19: Half Minute Hero

We seem to be having problems with our Podcast host so here's a way for you to listen to it until we things figured out on iTunes. 
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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference Leaves Us Wanting More and Not In a Good Way

iwata banana nintendo land WiiU
Nintendo is in a little bit of a pickle. Clearly from the Nintendo Direct Video and the E3 Press Conference there is many forms of entertainment the Wii U is going to offer. How all this fits together is the puzzling challenge for us to figure out. Consoles today need to do a lot more than just gaming in today's techy world. The Regginator Fils-Aime even stated that there is way more to Wii U than what they could fit into their one hour presentation. The conference was dedicated to games as it should be. This is where some of my concerns about Wii U rise from their grave.


Pre E3 2012 Nintendo Direct Live Blog

Nintendo jumps the gun on E3 and decides to do a Nintendo Direct presentation right now! I'll be updating the blog as news trickles out. Let's see what comes of it shall we?

3:04: Wii U controller is now dubbed the Wii U Game Pad and does not include the circle pads. Iwata explains why they changed back from circle pads to analog sticks. The sticks will also be clickable. NFC reader for cards and other devices to communicate. The controller will be able to control your TV as well like a remote without the Wii U powered on.

3:10: Nintendo will also offer a Wii U Pro Controller. Looks very similar to XBox 360 controller. Explained as a hardcore controller. All black... ooh so hardcore.

3:13: Now showing a cheesy gamer playing on a black Wii U and game pad. Showing a guy posting to a social network while playing a game, pauses and types a question. Looks like you will have your Mii on a social network format that you can access on the pad at any time. Looks a lot like Twitter.

3:15: The cheesy gamer has a live video chat with someone from the Network that he got an answer from.... not sure if that guy is on his friends list or a random person. Looks like Nintendo is going to build their own social service. Mii characters all over the screen, it's the Wii U menu when you turn on the system. "Mii Wara Wara". Your Miis, your friends, and Miis in your country are grouped in categories by what game they are playing. Even games you may not have on your system. The network interface is called "Miiverse". Can be accessed at anytime even when playing on the TV or Game Pad. Think about having Swapnote and Pictochat in your hands.

3:22: The "Miiverse" network can be used by game developers and integrated into games.

3:25: "Miiverse" will be able to be accessed on Nintendo 3DS, PC, or any Web Device in the future. All linked by the Nintendo Network. Will be the platform to connect all future Nintendo products.

3:26: You can use the Wii U Game Pad to browse the internet and select what content you want to show on the TV separate to what is one the Wii U Game Pad. It's not clear how that will work but seems like an interesting idea. How practical is this?

My Thoughts: It was a short and brief but seems to be very telling of Nintendo's plans. With the Nintendo Network and Miiverse, it does look like Nintendo is finally on board with the social media space. It looks like it is going to be easier than ever to communicate with the Nintendo Community at any time you wish. It's not clear yet how easy it will be to register your friends or strangers into the system. Also it is not clear if the Nintendo Network will be integrated with other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. The most interesting thing to me is how developers will take this new network and use it in their games. That for me lies the real power of the Nintendo Network. Let's just hope they don't use it to start placing targeted DLC advertising into our games.

What do you think? Did you like what you saw in the presentation?


Where to find the Berserk Armor in Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma has a nice little tie in with the amazing Berserk Anime that has got me and hopefully you, excited. Capcom Unity posted this livestream on launch day revealing a huge boss and disclosing the only location where you can find and purchase the armor sets for Guts and Griffith. Instead of making you watch the whole video I'm going to just let you know where to find it, but I highly recommend checking out the live stream if you're even remotely curious about the game. It's good stuff.

Watch live video from Capcom-Unity on TwitchTV
So here it is, about one-third of the way through the game there will be a quest from the merchant Alon at "The Ancient Quarry". Take the path that directly leads West from Gran Soren. The merchant must be outside at the main entrance and is the only guy in town that is going to cough up the goods. Return to the merchant and complete the quest. The merchant will then have moved inside near the beginning section of the quarry. You're looking for the Thousand Troops set for Guts and the White Hawk set for Griffith. Have fun living your dream Berserk fans and start saving up your gold!


E3 2012. Forever Alone.

Most people don’t bother to look at me. Some don’t even seem to notice my existence. Gamers have done this ritual thousands of times before. I’m old news to them. Years of playing video games has served them well with the muscle-memory equivalent to a trained athlete. To most I’m just an extension of their bodies. A conduit that delivers them full control and immersion into the video game world in front of them.

This is my life as a Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale demo unit Dualshock controller. Forever alone.


Our Nintendo 3DS Friend List User Guide

We hope this helps you better understand how to successfully use the Nintendo 3DS Friend List.


The Failing of PSN, XBL, and Wii Online

The year is 1990. My parents and I were living in the small rural mountain town of Coarsegold, CA. Its a friday night, and i was partaking in a rare treat. It had been a long week, and we had decided that it was a pizza night. It wasn't just any pizza night, though. While we usually had it delivered from one of the few local places in the area, tonight, we were taking the fight to the Pizza Parlor. The drive is short, but the anticipation makes it feel 10 times longer. Not anticipation for the pizza or the breadsticks or even the chance that i might run into a friend there.

This pizza parlor had arcade machines. Not just any arcade machines, they had Street Fighter 2.

The car had barely stopped before my seat belt was off, sprinting at full speed into this poor old building. The ambiance was incredible. Now you usually don't hear terms like “ambiance” thrown around to describe Pizza Parlors, but if you grew up in my generation, you can relate. The Smell of greasy frisbees made from pure cholesterol, the salad bar that kept everything at just a few degrees below room temperature, and the tables that were sticky from years of grease and soda spills.

It was heaven.

My parents had begun to order but i didn't care. My attention was focused in on the measly “arcade”. Like any sneaky mischievous 8 year old, i started to slink away, hopefully unnoticed by the benefactors of my habit. i get 3 steps away and i hear my name called. “ANDREW, Get BACK here. You can play games when you're done eating” My heart sinks. I know i’m going to love the pizza and the soda, but that's not why we're here. I was here to play.

Sure i had a Nintendo like any other kid of my generation, I even had a decent collection of games, but It was a poor substitute for this. I could play single player games until my eyes bled, but multiplayer was not the greatest on NES. The arcade had this cornered. packs of sweaty teenagers gathered around a nondescript wooden box just waiting for their chance to play; for their time to shine.

The pizza had arrived, i had scarfed it at warp speed and sat there with a longing look in my eyes. My mom looks at me, sighs and grabs her purse. Holy shit this is it! Her hand reaches in and pulls out her wallet. one by one she begins handing me quarters. I don't even see them as currency anymore, these are chances. Chances to play, Chances to Win, chances to impress. I say thanks, and begin my trek over to the machine.

It's a fairly busy friday night and one of the few pizza places in town. There are 6 or 7 kids (most of them older than me) all standing around this Street Fighter Cabinet. I look up and see the screen. Ryu is Pummeling Blanka. But that's not what i’m looking for. The object of my attention is right below them, on the bottom of the monitor. There lies the quarters. a row of quarters marking the play order of the gladiators in this arena. I sneak over to one side and place mine into the group. Now we wait.

The next few matches are exciting, with most people playing wither Ryu or Ken (pretty much the same as the tournament scene today). These kids are good. Really good. A perfect here, a hadouken or shoryuken there. I’m in way over my head. I don't care, i came to play, winning is a bonus. Finally my turn is up, i walk up to the machine, the glares of the gods on me, and assume my position. I reach up and grab my quarter. My hands are shaking. I’m sweating bullets. I slide the small metal coin into the slot and hear that beautiful sound.

Now, the real fun begins.


VVVVVV and Pushmo 3DS eShop Game Giveaway (Updated)

The Horse says you're a winner!
The Winners have been selected. Keep your eye out for Episode 68 of the podcast to find out if you've won!

You're in luck internet. We've got our hands on some Nintendo eShop game download codes! We're going to give away one copy of VVVVVV and a copy of Pushmo on the upcoming 68th episode of the Who Burned My Toast Podcast. So listen up and we'll tell you how to get entered into the drawing for your chance to win one of these fine pieces of entertainment.

Actually it's quite easy. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

1. All you need to do is log in and post us a question in the comments section below, send us an email at, or post on our facebook page for the Who Burned My Toast crew to answer on the podcast. Want to know more about these games? Just ask us. Literally any question related to gaming is fair and we'll give you the goods. Heck, we'll answer any question you got. Want to know if the Moon landings we're real or faked? We'll answer it! Go crazy and have fun.

2. Get your question in to us by April 15th 12:00 P.M. PST. You only get one entry for a question. Multiple questions won't get your name entered more than once!

3. Listen to episode 68 of the podcast. We'll randomly select the winners from the list of names received and announce the winners on the podcast. So keep your fingers crossed and don't forget to check back soon. Feel free to subscribe to the podcast by clicking the iTunes icon at the above right.

Thanks and good luck!