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SUPER AWESOME! - DNA Lounge show!

PeeLander Z, Anamanaguchi, and The Glowing Stars @ the DNA Lounge on April 7th, in San Francisco 375 11th St.

Seriously. This is an amazing line up! Don't believe me? Click those links up there for samples and CLICK HERE for more details!


MUSICAST Ep 1 Legend of Zelda

So we're changing formats yet again! We try to keep you all on your toes ;). We'll be doing these Musicast episodes every other week so stay tuned.

To kick this series off I chose Legend of Zelda. In this episode I talk a little about the series, the designers, and the composers. Mostly though I play some choice songs from 3 of the early games, including the Gameboy version.

Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda: The Adventures of Link

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Please do enjoy.

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Nintendo 3DS Demo Tour in San Francisco with video reactions from "Real" people.

On Friday night I got a chance to check out the Nintendo 3DS at Pier 39 in San Francisco during Nintendos hands on Demo Pod Event. Nintendo brought its guns out blazing with dozens of demo units with marketing materials and plopped it right in the middle of one of San Francisco's biggest tourist hang outs. They had all the launch games ready to try out for as long as you wanted. Go and check Nintendo's website to see if there is a demo event near you. We captured some video of the event with real people reacting and giving their thoughts while playing the device for the first time.

If you would like to see more of the event, I've posted more images at the jump and for my in-depth thoughts on the 3DS, listen up for the next episode of the podcast. Episode 42 coming Monday.


3DS Advance Wars anyone? Hell yeah we want it! - Dual Strike Article.

Before you go any further into this article I feel it needs a quick explanation. One rainy day Brad and I were discussing this exact thing on instant messenger. We realized that there are a lot of really cool things one can think of in regards to the new Nintendo 3DS, and a new iteration of Advance Wars.

Since we both really like the series and had a good deal of input we decided to try something new. This is our first attempt at an ARTICLE DUAL STRIKE! Where you'll actually get a full explanation, along with actual conversation between the two of us. PURAASSSUUUMMAAAA!


Is the PS3 Firmware 3.60 bricking consoles? It happened to me.

Now I'll never know how to get the worm!
All of you have probably heard the news that Sony has released a new firmware update today. Version 3.60 came out and with that comes some great things. Cloud storage and a new beefy security to fend off all those evil pesky Pirates. This all sounds fucking fantastic, except for one thing.

The firmware bricked my 40GB PS3. I'm dead serious. After installing the update and restarting my PS3 all I got was a red blinking power light.

I went ahead and tried the normal routine of turning it on and off a few times with no luck. So the next option was to try and start it up in safemode and that was a failure as well. The best I could do is get it to turn for for a second then it would power back down.

Has anyone else had an issue with Sony's latest and greatest firmware 3.60 update? Let us know.

After every firmware release it seems, I hear the tales of systems bricking across the land and sea. But I never thought it could happen to me. Sony has burned my toast. FUCK.

UPDATE: 3/12/11 So I called Sony Support. My PS3 is dead and of course its identified as a hardware failure. But I still have my suspicions. It was awfully convenient for it to die directly after the update. Yes I know the software isn't the issue but something happened during that process. Here is the video of the current state of my PS3. According to the light sequence you see that means, death.


Monster Hunter Live Action Role Play!

Have you ever heard the term LARP? It stands for "Live Action Role Play" which is what this video is.
This group of Japanese umm... Kids put together some amazing costumes and weapons! I bet they probably are well recognized members of the JP cosplay community. They all came together and choreographed this little piece. They even memorized actual attacks, stances, and taunts for the video lol.

Hate on Larpers all you want, at least they embrace what they are to the fullest and aren't afraid of judgment from others... well maybe a little since they don't show their faces in this video.

They even got all the sound effects!

Thanks to "samurai syber judgemagister" on for sharing.


Your thoughts on how to best play Monster Hunter
on the 3DS.

Come to me MH 3DS.
Three or four weeks ago (I can't freakin' remember, I'm old dammit) I put out a call for the community to give me some feedback on their thoughts about how they would like to play Monster Hunter on the 3DS. If and when the game screeches it way onto the system, there are some interesting ways Capcom could change up the controls for the dimensionally aware handheld. I yelled, I did unmentionable things in an alley, and I begged on the blog for feedback as well as made my way to the Capcom Unity forums to get some thoughts from the hardest of the hardcore. Here is what I got back from the Monster Hunter fanbo... errr I mean community. Tee hee.

NEStalgia rhymes with Nostalgia. O is for Obvious.

What word does NEStalgia rhyme with, hmmm… Maybe nostalgia. We here at Who Burned My Toast are all about nostalgia. We love it. We breath it. We thrive on it. So what exactly is this game nostalgic about? You can probably guess but click on the "READ MORE" button anyway!