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NEStalgia rhymes with Nostalgia. O is for Obvious.

What word does NEStalgia rhyme with, hmmm… Maybe nostalgia. We here at Who Burned My Toast are all about nostalgia. We love it. We breath it. We thrive on it. So what exactly is this game nostalgic about? You can probably guess but click on the "READ MORE" button anyway!

Developed by a man named Ben Mallahan on a creation system called BYOND by Silk Games. This game mimics the JRPGs of old such as, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Quest, old school stuff like that.

So what right? I mean those games are supposed to be left right where they are--in the god damn graveyard. Who needs random encounters, turn based battles, questing, and stupid dungeon crawling? You do bitch. Not just you either, you and your friends! That's right sluts this isn't just any 'ol romp through nostalgia hills, this is a romp through nostalgia hills while holding a flamethrower, incinerating all those slimes 'til they are crispy and tasty!

This is a Cooperative MMORPG which is free to play. It does have a subscription, as you would expect, but all it does is give you more character classes and customization features.

Wtf are you still doing here? Click this link and install it (PC ONRY). If you like it play it. If you love it then pay for it and get more out of it. If you hate it well then you're probably normal.

Does this antiquated style of games deserve a revival?
Do current generation features actually give this style of games more value?

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