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Super Meat Boy Soundtrack is real and it's spectacular

How can you deny this cute face?
It's a well known fact that we at Who Burned My Toast? are in love with Meat. Super Meat Boy that is. As we patiently wait for the PC, Mac, and WiiWare releases of the game (currently available only on XBox Live), we wanted everyone to know about the newly released soundtrack.

You can pick up this amazing 33 track albulm at for $3.99. All the proceeds will go to danny B of and as the site says it will "fuel his habit of making killer soundtracks for awesome indie video games!"

And for all of you that like resisting the digital revolution while combing back your mullets. You can buy the physical special edition of the soundtrack being announced in late November.

So far I am loving this electronic, rock mix of sounds as its washes through my brain. I can't quite put my finger on it, but even though the music is being produced with current technology, the beats and rhythms feel very 16 bit old school. I know next to nothing about music, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Wow is this guy for real! If he is a one man band then he is a musical genius split into an orchestra of mighty digital musical prowess.

    Nah, for reals tho he is damn good and if the game is as good as the sound track it is as good as sold!

  2. I can definitely vouch for the game! I only got to play 3 or 4 levels before I had to move on, but wow. It was great! It plays similarly to N+.

  3. They need to put it out for the Wii >< or least on to steam so that everyone could get some of this goodness

  4. It's coming to both Wii and Steam :D!!! Your wishes have been granted magically!

  5. It's orgasmic. I wanted you all to know.


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