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When my good friend Bobby let me borrow this originally, let me think... *flash back to 2005* I had an Afro, an was wearing plaid... no wait different flash back. Anyway when he first let me borrow it, I only played about 5 minutes of it before I got involved in something else, and I soon forgot all about it. Last week he again let me borrow it, under the condition that I actually play it this time lol.

Well now that I've been playing it, I have no idea why I wasn't so keen on playing it before. Sure some of it's game play is dated at best, like the turn based system of the old RPG's. however, they do mix things up a bit with some other fun elements:


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I have created a sub account for such an occasion! BEHOLD!-- On the left hand side there is a link to the 6th, episode, get it there.




New Super Mario Bros. Woo Hooo!

To keep with the Multiplayer theme of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Den and I have decided to both post our thoughts on Nintendo's newest Mario game. We spent an entire weekend playing the game non-stop and it was most excellent. We get into more detail in our podcast so check it out here at Who Burned My Toast Episode 5.

Den - It was fun. K thnx.

The Butcher - I stole Den's power ups and he cried. If you want have fun being a ass to your friends, play this game. Good times.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

If you have a PS3, you should own at least one of the Uncharted games. Honestly there isn't a whole lot of exclusives floating around nowadays. I've recently played through the first Uncharted and just wrapped up Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and walked away without feeling tired of the series. Naughty Dog started a good franchise and has managed to improve it with the second installment. If your having trouble choosing one, I would suggest Uncharted 2.

As most of you may already know Uncharted stars Nathan Drake, a treasure hunting mans man who has luck on his side. In essence take Indian Jones, mix him up with some Tomb Raider and in a very thin nutshell lies Uncharted. The story for Among Thieves I found to basically follow the same formula as the first game with the addition of a few new characters in the mix. Drake is asked from a old acquaintance to help find some hidden Marco Polo treasure, he meets a British lady friend name Chloe, they uncover a more valuable treasure, and race the bad guy to get to it first. Betrayal, the supernatural and adventure ensues. I would rather leave it at that. For me the story and presentation is what I enjoy most about these games and should be experienced untainted by my butchering of its narrative. Trust me it's entertaining.