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Hudson and Child's Play make it easy for you to make a difference.

You already waste your life on Facebook, you might as well be productive.
Hudson and Child's Play have gotten together to help donate toys and games to Children Hospitals around the country. From August 30th until September 7th, you can go onto Hundson's Lost in Shadow Facebook page and "like" them. Each person that "likes" the page, Hudson will donate 10 cents to Child's Play. If your feeling particularly charitable you can go and change your profile pic to any image that contains a shadow. The reward for your clever imagery will rake in an additional 1 dollar donation to the charity.

We've been following Lost in Shadow and it's one of our most anticipated games coming up this holiday. So while your on their Facebook page being all helpful and stuff. Go ahead and learn a bit more about this unique puzzler.

Happy donating!


Love 8bit Music? Live around San Francisco? Then you better be at DNA Lounge this Sunday

This show is going to give you an acoustic seizure
This Sunday Aug 29th, 8bitsf presents a show that is going to tantalize your little 8-bit hearts. With bands like Anamanaguchi, minusbaby, crashfaster, and our friend Mr. Spastic, it's sure to be a kick ass show.

All you gotta do is get your tickets online (you save $4 bones) and walk your nerdy self down to the DNA Lounge.

If your still on the fence deciding whether another night of playing Call of Duty or WoW still sounds like more fun. Go to the 8bitsf website and download free tracks from each of the bands. Like I said before, Mr. Spastic is a friend and if you want to learn more about him and hear some of his music. We interviewed him on the on Episode 20 of the podcast.

So be there, be square, I'll be there.... you know just get you ass down there and pretend like its Friday night.


The Metroid Other M TV spot dresses to impress

If you want to see the HD version go to the Nintendo site here

Normally I wouldn't highlight an advertisement for a game, but I personally walked away from watching this one really impressed. It's a blending of live action and gameplay that all comes together in a way that makes the game look not only fantastic and entertaining, but it also peaks your interest about the games story. I know I may have been duped by some fancy marketing, but it was just enough to push me into the "I gotta play this" category. And best of all you get to see a live action version of Zero Suit Samus. Wowza!

Now this isn't the first time I've been dazzled by a Metroid commercial, when the Metroid Prime TV ad came out, it also gave me the same consumerist instinct to buy it. I guess it just tugs on my dream that one day Metroid could make it onto the big screen and be a kick ass movie. Just keep that bastard Uwe Boll away from my Samus!

Are you planning on purchasing Metroid Other M?
Do you think this TV spot may entice people to play Metroid Other M?


Put your quarter up!

The Past.

I remember a day. A time when on a hot day, I could walk to 7-11, grab a Slurpy, and decidedly spend my whole day in a place of wonders.

Photo by Dan Coogan
This was a magical place. The building from the outside looked like nothing special. Just a little building at the corner of a busy intersection. The sign said “City Arcade”. Yeah I’m talking about the 80’s and Arcades. Let me take you there.

So in this place in particular you’d walk into the double doors and you’d first enter the “Decompression Chamber” is what I called it. It was the room before you are granted access to some of the most colorful, and amazing, arcade cabinets ever invented. In here you shed the heat from the sun, you shed your hatred of humanity, you shed your worry. In this decompression chamber you are renewed, and changed. Now lets walk in.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on 3DS please!

So if you’ve heard the podcast you probably know Den <3 Monster Hunter Tri. I really do, I’ve enjoyed about 160 hours worth of gamplay (so far) of Monster Hunter Tri.

I also played a lot of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I believe I had about 300+ hours thrown into the ladder version. That said I can’t wait for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd! Seriously look at this trailer!!

That also got me thinking: Japan loves Monster Hunter. Japan loves Nintendo. Nintendo is releasing something Japan (and I) will love, which is the 3DS, very soon. Why not combine it all together!

So without further adieu here is a list or reasons why Monster Hunter Portable 3rd should be on 3DS!!


Play Bit.Trip.Runner and help an Indy developer out.

Every once in awhile I come across some small titles on Wiiware that I fall in love with. Granted Wiiware isn't know for tons of amazing games, but if you look you can find some diamonds in the rough. One of those diamonds is Bit.Trip.Runner by Gaijin Games. They have been responsible for all the other Bit.Trip games that have landed on Wiiware over that last few years. Just like the other games in the series Runners gameplay are based on simple old school game mechanics and music plays an interesting roll as well.

The game plays like a platformer but your main character CommanderVideo is constantly moving right across the screen. Your job is to jump, kick and duck your way past obstacles with out crashing into them. If you hit a wall or fall into a pit your done for good and need to start all the way back beginning of the level. It's painfully cruel, but the levels are short and every move you make is accompanied by some chip-tune inspired sound that somehow mixes with the background music. So as your jumping around and kicking the shit out of things the game produces some crazy music that all blends together.

Now it's seems I'm not the only one who has become a fan of the game and this blogger Gabotron wants to spread the word about  Bit.Trip.Runner. He wants everyone to make a video to help Gaijin out and sell some games. It's only $8 you cheap bastards, so check it out. See below.

So I'm here to help spread the word as well and I am going to use Gabotron's files to create my own video and post it back up here when I'm done. Who knows where me and CommanderVideo will go, but I bet its going to involve some booze.

If you've played Bit.Trip.Runner, what are your thoughts?
Have you tried any other of the Bit.Trip games?

Quote source: Kotaku