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Scott Pilgrim VS the world: Game

So I seen this movie trailer for "Scott Pilgrim VS the world" and I thought to myself. That's interesting. It seems very different. Doesn't look like I'd enjoy it all that much but at least someone is doing something different.

Then I found a trailer for the game. Now that looks amazing! It's an old school beat 'em up type of game which is something I and a few other people I've talked to have been craving for a while. So that's one part that is somewhat attractive to me, but here's what really gets me excited.

A man named Paul Robertson (not Robert Paulson) once created a really awesome video called "Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006". This video was/is so amazing because it was done completely in pixel art. Very well drawn, and animated. This is relevant to this post because he is the artist who did all the animation for this game! Check this shit out! Scott Pilgrim VS The World.

I've wish this guy would make a video game for a long long time, and here it finally is! I hope it's good! :).


  1. i like Scott Pilgrim VS the world: Game, its pretty cool game, i want it. (-8

  2. @Den When you said they we're making a game based of the movie I had no idea it was this. We're going to have to check this one out. Kinda wish there was a Pirate Baby in it however.

  3. Yeah man, Chun-Li octopus will be missed. But I'm super excited about this game! The movie however... I don't know I guess it could be good. It somewhat reminds me a little of that Korean movie "Volcano High".

  4. Well the movie has Micheal Cera in it right? He needs to stop doing Romantic comedies and go back to Dick Jokes like they did is Superbad.

  5. I hope this guy gets more work due to this. I want him to do something bloody and violent :D. OoO I think my dream would be... Him doing the art for something like a Metal Slug game--zombies included :).

  6. This is gonna rock! Retro gaming at it finest in 2010. Odd thing is after watching the first video I have an animated GIF of it on one of my wargaming forums i frequent. I had no clue who created just like it. Now I know lol

  7. Yeah man! I'm so glad games like this exist to slap the stupid out of everyone who said 2D gaming is dead!

    This is one of the things we have Microsoft to thank for. I believe they were the first console to even adopt an "Arcade" downloadable section.

    Now there is a sort of "Retro-Revival" happening, and as long as they remember to toss in some of those newer features (such as co-op online play), things are going to get even more interesting.


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