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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on 3DS please!

So if you’ve heard the podcast you probably know Den <3 Monster Hunter Tri. I really do, I’ve enjoyed about 160 hours worth of gamplay (so far) of Monster Hunter Tri.

I also played a lot of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I believe I had about 300+ hours thrown into the ladder version. That said I can’t wait for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd! Seriously look at this trailer!!

That also got me thinking: Japan loves Monster Hunter. Japan loves Nintendo. Nintendo is releasing something Japan (and I) will love, which is the 3DS, very soon. Why not combine it all together!

So without further adieu here is a list or reasons why Monster Hunter Portable 3rd should be on 3DS!!

Nintendo DS is THE toy to have in Japan. In fact everyone has one already, actually statistically everyone should have 2 if you look at the sales in Japan. So it’s safe to assume that when the 3DS hits the market there will be huge lines all over the place two days before its release in Japan. One other thing in Japan that sells incredibly well is Monster Hunter. Combine these two forces together and it’ll probably knock that continent’s collective socks into orbit!

  1. 3D MAY ENHANCE GAMEPLAY (According to Nintendo)

Throughout playing Monster Hunter Tri I’ve noticed something--I’m running at a monster, I go take a swing expecting to totally chop into the monster’s face, and what happens? A total “wiff”. This especially happens during under water fights. Now I know that the new Portable 3rd isn’t going to contain underwater battles, but... I’m just sayin’ the 3D might help with that type of issue.


Now we don’t really know what’s going to be happening with the “Analog Slider” that Nintendo showed off during E3, because that show model was just a prototype. But IF that model is any indication of what it might turn out to be, we just might have to unclaw our fingers and play like normal fucking human beings! Here's an instructional video on "The Claw".

  1. Wi-Fi Play

Monster Hunter Tri is actually the first one of the series I’ve gotten to play cooperatively. The reason for that is due to the PSP’s iterations all having been Ad-Hoc mode only. That means that it’ll only work with people within your close proximity that also own a PSP and have the game in that mode ready to play (Ad-Hoc party is now available for PS3, but only if you have a PS3). The 3DS seems to be presenting itself as a fully online infrastructure ready system, capable of being online at all times.


So maybe there is a lot of you out there that haven’t even heard of Monster Hunter, and actually I was one of you about a year ago.  That’s because before Monster Hunter Tri there has not been that much of a marketing push towards the American audience. That all changed due to the efforts of an able bodied Shawn (Snow) Baxter of the Capcom-Unity community team. If Monster Hunter Portable 3rd comes out for the 3DS, it will guarantee much more exposure outside Japanese borders. Giving Mr. Baxter and Monster Hunter a major boost in the arm!


Ok I’ll confess right now. The possibility of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to come out for 3DS is like 99.98% in my mind. So in reality I just wrote little article to get hits to the blog... did it work? I mean think about that first one. That is all that really counts, Capcom is a Japanese company. They’re already working on a Resident Evil game for 3DS. There has been articles written already about the praise the 3DS is getting from all the Japanese game developers. Thanks to the huge success from Monster Hunter Tri (which is about to surpass fucking Smash Brothers in gameplay hours) Nintendo and Capcom are married in a way no Hollywood star understands, nor cares to. These two are in it to win it, and the only true question remains...

Will we round-eyes get it at some point, or will Capcom Japan cradle it in it’s powerful loving arms forever?

Could the 3DS offer a better solution for camera control, or are we going to be stuck with "The Claw" yet again?

Finally, will the 3D have any effect on game play, or will it just be cosmetic?


  1. I'm also 99.98% positive that there is going to be a Monster Hunter release on 3DS. Will it make it state side... I'm saying yes.

    I think there are better ways to implement camera control on the 3DS. From playing FPS on the DS its very possible using the touch screen for that function.

    Maybe a 3rd dimension will help. I can't wait to see some 3D fireballs and dancing Felyne.

    To be honest thought, I see a lot of MH Tri in Portable 3rd minus the extra weapons.

  2. "The Claw" looks horrible! Great video though!

    I do think a Monster Hunter 3DS would be a brilliant move, especially in Japan.

    I'm still not sure how 3D will effect certain genres of games, but I think it would be interesting seeing a Rathian fireball in 3D.

  3. Yeah the claw is quite horrible. Although you do get used to it, then it becomes second nature actually.

    Thanks Coffee :)

  4. @Den So is that why you have a callus the size of Rhode Island on your index finger?

  5. hello everybody!
    i'm a fan of monster hunter games!i have all the episodes ps2,psp,wiiiiii
    and never had the problem with"The Claw"i never use wat is show on the video!just with pressing l button on the psp you can adjust the camera and follow the monster mouvments!all you need is practice!
    3DS is a good console the only problem is :not enought power!i think 3ds is like a psp whith 3d extra option!
    the fully online infrastructure is the only thing i apreciate on 3ds!

  6. Thanks for your comment Mr. Anon. I'm glad you find value in the Monster Hunter series too :P!

    It's funny you mention that other way to play Monster Hunter. I figured that out first, but I just couldn't get the hang of playing that way.

    As for the 3DS not having enough power, I don't know if I agree. I mean after reading it's specs it seems to be about as powerful as a Wii. The Wii runs MHTri well, and looks nice.

    I mean I guess it would be nice if the machine was more powerful, but as the PSP has short battery life problems, I think the 3DS will encounter that too. More power will be more battery drain.

    If you're looking for more power, I think maybe the PSP2 might be coming with more power than the 3DS. But only time will tell :D.

    Again thanks for posting! Next time you post, give us a name to thank you by on the podcast! We like mentioning our friends on the podcast!

  7. No, not the psps fault for no online play, cpacom decided to be lazy, and screw the american/euro gamers by not adding online.


  8. @Anon 2,
    Yeah sometimes Capcom doesn't always do what we want but hold the course. I think we'll be seeing more Monster Hunter in the States and EURO.

  9. I think that Monster Hunter on 3DS will be a bomb in japan, just imagine, the games sold out in the first day

  10. Definitely. It'll be the bomb here too! That would be a system seller in Japan for sure and here too actually for some people.

  11. Monster Hunter 3G is coming out Dec. 10th this year in Japan, and talks of Monster hunter 4 for 3DS as well. Nintendo is trying to grab rights for it being exclusive to 3DS, but nothing is set in stone for MH4 yet


    here is some info and pictures of some stuff comin up in MH3G for 3DS :3 all the subspecies of MH3 monsters, including the old Azure los and pink ian, along with the new Silvery looking Lagiacrus. ALSO all 12 weapons types from MHP3rd and previous portable titles are moved over to MH3G. Bow, Dual Blades, Hunting Horn, Gunlance. etc etc

  13. Thank you Kasuka. I'm super excited about MHTriG. I'll be getting it along with that second analog adapter for the 3DS. I can't wait :). You should come back here and check up on us when it comes out so we can play together!

  14. we are only tomorrow to see the release of 3g.


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