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Monster Hunter Live Action Role Play!

Have you ever heard the term LARP? It stands for "Live Action Role Play" which is what this video is.
This group of Japanese umm... Kids put together some amazing costumes and weapons! I bet they probably are well recognized members of the JP cosplay community. They all came together and choreographed this little piece. They even memorized actual attacks, stances, and taunts for the video lol.

Hate on Larpers all you want, at least they embrace what they are to the fullest and aren't afraid of judgment from others... well maybe a little since they don't show their faces in this video.

They even got all the sound effects!

Thanks to "samurai syber judgemagister" on for sharing.


  1. Is it sad I thought about doing a spoof video like this with my son dressed up in his dragon outfit?

    *runs to find the camera!

    This took a lot of work I bet, and they probably had a lot of fun making it.
    I thought the sound effects from the game were a great addition also.

    BTW, was that supposed to be a real monster from one of the Monster Hunter games? Or, just a random monster costume?

  2. Lol yeah that's actually a monster from the Portables for sure, don't know about earlier than that.

    It's actually a monster that is most well known for being a phallic symbol :X.

  3. It's name is Khezu. Look it up... if you dare lol.

  4. Of course they would choose to dress up as Khezu, and its younger brother Giginox.


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