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Music Podcast 13: Demon's Souls

Back in 2009 my world was invaded by a black phantom. This black phantom was called Demon's Souls. A spiritual successor to King's Field which stood apart from all other games of it's kind. In part due to it's design, but mostly due to it's difficulty. Most people after playing this game seem to recall the old days of gaming; when you knew whatever you played was going to kick the crap out of you across the street.
I even reviewed Demon's Souls back then. I gave it a Buttered Toast which is basically a 2/3. Since then I've returned to playing it and as I stated in the musicast I'm 4 play-throughs in.
Anyway Please enjoy this weeks Musicast. Oh! Also visit to pre-order Dark Souls which comes out October 4th.
directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki of FROM SOFTWARE and Produced by Takeshi Kaji from SCE Japan Studio.
Music composed by Shunsuke Kida.


Community Spotlight
Dues Ex: Human Revloution PS3 Review

What's up nerds? Behold, our first community spotlight is here for your reading pleasure. What is the community spotlight you ask? Well it's a place to highlight the fantastic listeners and followers of Who Burned My Toast who wish to share their thoughts with the group. If it's interesting, we'll post it up, maybe make fun of you or possibly shower you with praise.

Our first member who stepped up to the plate is Eric Geer. He was gracious enough to send us his review of Dues Ex: Human Revolution for the PS3. We think it's awesome if you want to join in on the blog and take part in the conversation. So if you have something interesting or anything your passionate about, let us know by shooting us an email at  

Thanks again Eric.

Dues Ex: Human Revolution PS3 Review
Reviewer: EBGeer

“The game is set in 2027, 25 years before the first title, where corporations have extended their influence past the reach of global governments. The game follows Adam Jensen, the security chief for one of the world's most powerful human augmentation corporations, Sarif Industries. After a devastating attack on Sarif's headquarters, Adam is forced to undergo radical surgeries that fuse his body with mechanical augmentations, and he is embroiled in the search for those responsible for the attack.” (

Disclaimer: As a lazy gamer, I ganked the above abstract from Wikipedia to save both time, and provide a plot description.

Prior to truly stepping into the game you get a taste of what’s going on with some synopsis and background of the story as well as a bit of training to learn out to maneuver your character Adam Jensen. I will first touch upon the things I enjoyed about the game because my negative viewpoint far outweighs the positive.


Musicast 12: Star Fox 64

You may have seen this one coming from a mile away, but it's only fitting to listen to classic music from one of the N64's greatest games. So to coincide with the recent release of Star Fox 64 3D, here is the soundtrack in all its Midi glory.

Game Developed by: Nintendo EAD
Published by: Nintendo
Composer: Koji Kondo, Hajime Wakai

Hey! Send us feedback on this not so new series. Love it or hate it? Let us know. Also don't forget to send us in your requests of game soundtracks for us to feature. We hope you enjoy this weeks Musicast.

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Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 Live Blog. Prepare for horrible Japanese translations

This is probably a horrible idea and is a blog first for Who Burned My Toast, but with minutes to spare before the conference starts I am going to live blog the conference the best I can.

Prepare for misinformation and lots of horrible translations, since I don't know Japanese. So kick back and check up every so often to see how its going. Oh crap it's starting.

8:00 PM: Things start off with a skyward sword hi-res intro. Godd damn it someone needs to move the camera up. Half this carp is cut off! Hi-Res Cut scene and now Miyamoto is on stage with with sword and shield. Talking in Japanese.

8:04 PM: Four Swords Zelda, shows characters playing in all the different Zelda games in honor of Zeldas 25th. No release date given yet.

8:05 PM: Miyamoto is breaking out the wiimote with motion plus. Fears of E3 are running high. Will the demo go well this time? I don't think so. Don't do it Miyamoto San. Don't lose your honor!  So far it looks like Miyamoto isn't playing at all just mimicing different cut scenes and explaining in hand gestures. Is this a good sign?

8:08 PM: They are showing all the gameplay elements possible with Wii motion plus... holy shit just saw link in a mine cart and catching butterflies! Lots of environments being shown.

8:10 PM: Epic boss battle with link flying around a giant bird-fish thing. Bosses are huge in this game.

8:11 PM: Game Montage for 3DS games, Tekken, RE Revelations, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter shown!

8:14 PM: Wii game line up until the Wii dies in Japan. It's already dead here. Nothing new here so far.

8:16 PM: Showing sales chart for consoles.. snore. Comparing Male Vs Female. A Pink 3DS Shown! No second nub here. Ladies Nintendo has you covered.


Look out! Games of Sept 2011 maybe worth a $#!^

It’s September 1st today and you know what that means? It means there are a ton of games to look forward to this month. Here’s a short list of the ones we find even mildly interesting.