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Metroid Other M has 2 hours worth of cutscenes. Hooray?

I'm alone... so... alone. OMG shut up!
From the very first trailer shown of Metroid Other M. It was obvious that Nintendo was once again trying something new with the series by including team Ninja into the mix. When Retro Studios turned the Metroid series into an FPS with the Prime series, many fans died of a brain aneurysm. But overall I think most people enjoyed the series new direction.

So here we are again at a crossroad with a new take on the series about to be released. News has slowly trickled about the game, but this bit of info caused my video game nerd type of spidey sense to get all tingly and sense danger coming.

Metroid Other M is going to feature a whole lot of back story about our heroin Samus Aran. So much in fact that the creators added a "Theater Mode" so you can watch all 2 hours of the story like a movie. This is explained in the quote below from Famitsu.
"The storytelling aspect of Other M continues to play a major role even after you beat the game, the way [Nintendo designer Yoshio] Sakamoto puts it. "There's a 'theater mode' that lets you view all of the cutscenes linked together seamlessly as a single movie," he explained. "We placed just as much weight on enjoying the story as we did on the action aspects of this game, but it's hard to fully communicate a storyline in a video game with just one playthrough. At the same time, though, it's asking a lot of players to beat the game twice to get it all, so that's where the idea for that mode came from. It lets you make a lot of discoveries, things you missed or dialogue that makes more sense in retrospect. I hope it helps people understand the story better."
So some of you may be asking yourselves. Why Butcher? Why would this incredible news be getting your spidey sense all in a bunch? I have one thing to say. Metal Gear Solid 4. If you've played MGS4 then you know of the ridiculously long cut scenes and story in the game. I felt like you were spending almost the same amount of time watching cut scenes as playing the game. Now, did any of you really know what in the hell was going on in that game? Be honest.

For me this could go either way in terms of really great, to totally horrible. I honestly don't recall Team Ninja being masters of storytelling. If the production values are bad and your forced to watch it, I'm going to have bad flashbacks from MGS4. I'm not saying it's going to be horrible, but it does have me a little concerned with Team Ninja at the helm. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that we'll see Samus in a bikini on a beach somewhere, holding a volley ball.

Would you sit down and watch all of the cut scenes in Metroid Other M's theater mode?


Capcom announces Street Fighter X Tekken.
*Mind Explodes

It seems Capcom is single handily trying to revive the fighting genre on its own by releasing a mass amount of fighting games. So far we've gotten Street Fighter IV, Tansunoku Vs. Capcom, Super Street Fighter IV, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and now Street Fighter X Tekken is on the way.

Now if your like me, this announcement caught me by surprise and I'm really curious about how this one is going to play out. From the description on Capcom-Unity it looks to be a Tag style game with the Tekken character coming into the Street Fighter universe and graphics engine used by SFIV. I've was really into Tekken Tag back in the day, but really haven't been following the series since then. I will be watching this game closely to see what new features they may be adding to differentiate it from the others. The merging of brands and reviving retro games has been on Capcom's agenda for awhile now and it seems they aren't going to be stopping any time soon. I think that if anyone has a chance at bringing a series back into the forefront of gamers minds and be succuessful at it; it will be Capcom. They've spent a lot of time focusing on their rabid fan base and it looks like its paying off in spades.

Are you looking forward to another VS fighter from Capcom?
Do you still play Tekken?


Super Meat Boy!

One big meat to rule them all
So there's this game I got to play at E3. If you listened to the E3 episode you'll have heard about it, but since I talked forever I'll assume that nobody made it that far.

Anyway This game Super Meat Boy is going to be coming out on 360, Steam (PC), and Wii-Ware. So far there is no plans that I've heard of for PS3 unfortunately.

Super Meat Boy is... well actually here's their words on what it's about:

"Super Meat Boy is a game where you play as a boy without skin whos girlfriend who is made of bandages gets kidnapped by a fetus in a tuxedo wearing a top hat and a monocle."

Yeah that's right, a boy without skin is what he said. It's a 2D side scrolling platformer where you play as Meat Boy and up to 5 other various characters. Each are equipped with their own unique abilities and the objective is to get to the bandage girl while trying not to get killed by all the various saw blades, pits, and many other deadly devices littered throughout the levels.

You know what, I'm not doing it any justice. It's basically just like THIS, but with more characters, more levels, more blood, more... everything really.


What the?! Megaman Universe confuses the masses.

Megaman has always been a cool concept for me. I actually was one of the only kids that missed the bus on this one. I don't really know why but it didn't call to me the way it did to other kids.

Anywho, this trailer was released and what it teases it seems is some kind of Capcom crossover game. Again, no clue what is going on here but it's fun to speculate.

Maybe it'll be a 2D platformer, where you'll get powers from all of the different Capcom characters. Ryu's Hadouken, Bionic Commando's arm, stuff like that.

What does this trailer tell us, if anything, about the game?

Is it going to be made to look like clay animation like that horrid "Clay Fighters" game?

Will it be a 2D retro flavored game?


It's official. Monster Hunter Tri will dominate your Wii game-play time.

Did you know that the Wii keeps track of your game-play time and you can access that data through the Nintendo Channel?

As you can see from the image to the right, this is my game-play data from the top five games I've spent the most time with on the Wii. Now if you are a keen observer you will see that Monster Hunter Tri has easily made it way to the top spot in a very short amount of time since it's release on April 20th, 2010.

It's just amazing to me to see how many hours I've totaled since then. All of the others games in the top five seen here, has taken me more than a years worth of play time to get these numbers and they still can't come close to matching MH Tri.

I'm going to keep checking my hours routinely to see how high it goes. At this point I see no end is sight for me and I can see for anyone who gets into this game, the replay value is just through the roof. Just a warning to you all who may wander into Monster Hunter Tri's clutches. It may take over your gaming life.

How many hours worth of Monster Hunter do you have racked up so far?

Where does Monster Hunter Tri stand in your game-play data?


Scott Pilgrim VS the world: Game

So I seen this movie trailer for "Scott Pilgrim VS the world" and I thought to myself. That's interesting. It seems very different. Doesn't look like I'd enjoy it all that much but at least someone is doing something different.

Then I found a trailer for the game. Now that looks amazing! It's an old school beat 'em up type of game which is something I and a few other people I've talked to have been craving for a while. So that's one part that is somewhat attractive to me, but here's what really gets me excited.

A man named Paul Robertson (not Robert Paulson) once created a really awesome video called "Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006". This video was/is so amazing because it was done completely in pixel art. Very well drawn, and animated. This is relevant to this post because he is the artist who did all the animation for this game! Check this shit out! Scott Pilgrim VS The World.

I've wish this guy would make a video game for a long long time, and here it finally is! I hope it's good! :).


Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
Platform: Wii
Developer: Treasure
Publisher: Nintendo

I’ve had my eye on Sin and Punishment: Star Successor ever since I downloaded the N64 import of Sin and Punishment for the Wii Virtual Console. Like most of us outside Japan, this was our first taste of the S&P arcade shooter goodness that Treasure can dish out. I spent my days dreaming of how the Wiiremote IR pointer could really bring this game into its own. Gladly, I am here to report that I was right.

Destroying a Barroth

Not through yet!

Scott from captured yet another hunt! This one is against a Barroth. This guy was Butcher and I's first wall. We fought him 3 or 4 times before we finally killed him! After that we spent a lot of time helping people fight this stupid guy. I liken him to "Bald Bull" from "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out", because once you figure him out, he's cake!


Hunting some Monsters...

So if you've been paying any attention you probably realize that we here at WBMT really love hunting some monsters in Monster Hunter Tri. So when Scott from invited us on a quest, we were all about it!

We fought a Rathian at a place called "Flooded Forest". Anyway here's the vid Scott made :)

Oh right, and just for clarification my (Den) character's name is Feo.


Thanks again Scott!



So Pac-Man is like one of those icons. I've never been particularly great at the game either, but for some reason I like him. Probably due to the fact that it was probably one of the first games I ever played as a kid.

Anyway enough nostalgia, I made this:


It's the 4th of July, where's the podcast!?

Happy 4th everyone, due to Canada's birthday and America's freedom from that oppressive wench, the Queen of England. The podcast has been moved to next week and will be back on it's normal bi-weekly schedule.

Just like the rest of you in this glorious country of ours, we're going to be drinking cheap ass beer and blowing stuff up the American way. Cause that's how we do it.

America, fuck yeah.