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Play VVVVVV and tell us what you think.

How do you pronounce this? We have no idea.
VVVVVV is a 2D platformer built using flash by Terry Cavanagh. The main game-play hook of VVVVVV is that you can control gravity with a simple flip of a button. Once second you can be running across the floor and then next you will be running on the ceiling. Overall its a simple yet interesting design that makes up for some puzzle platforming goodness.

Now on the last episode of the podcast, Amado and I spent a good amount of time talking about the game and discussing the pro and cons its play control.

Amado reveled in the music and the gravity puzzling and found the game to be great fun. I on the other hand did not have the same experience and found that the controls ended up making the game more frustrating than it's worth. I must agree that the chiptune music is top notch and much love should be pushed towards the creator of the games soundtrack, Magnus.
Uh oh... Jersey Shore is on T.V.
So here is where you guys come in. We here at Who Burned My Toast want you guys to try out the demo and tell us what you think of the game and its play control. You can grab the demo for free online at or you can grab it on Steam for PC or Mac.

We want to know. Does the game make you want to punch babies or does it make you feel like your in 2D platforming heaven? And most of all tell us why.


Augmented Reality - Nothing is what it seems.

No not this...
Augmentation: The process of making or becoming great in size or amount. That is the promise of this new technology that's creeping into our lives. The above image is a representation of ... of ... Damn I've been caught again, I was just trying to get your attention. I feel dirty. Did it work? Do you forgive me?


The Ladies Vs. Gents Puzzle Challenge

Today I went down to Union Square in San Francisco to check out Professor Layton and the Unwound Future for the Nintendo DS. As described in my last blog post, the whole marketing gimmick is to have the ladies and the gents compete in a puzzle challenge.

Game on. We're divided into opposing forces for battle.


Who's smarter — Men or Woman?

That's what Nintendo and Professor Layton want to know. I woke up this morning to an email invite from Nintendo declaring a battle of the sexes in major cities across the country. Their solution to this age old problem is to take regular crazy people off the street, have them play some Nintendo DS and solve puzzles to settle this matter once and for all. Check it out and see if your city is on the list. Luckily one event is San Francisco's Union Square on Sept 7th, so I will be down there representing all the manly men out there with my puzzle skills. Watch out ladies I'm coming for you! (Man that sounds creepy).

Professor Layton

So I must ask. Who is smarter, Men or Women? If you Men really are intellectual beasts I think you already know the answer to this question; if you want to live ;-).