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Who Burned My Toast? started out as a place for us to rant and release our dissatisfaction about Resident Evil 5 and other over hyped games this console generation. Once that cleared our system, we aquired a taste for Podcasting. We decided that we wanted this to be more than just a place to talk about how much the games we played sucked (we still do that on a regular basis).

We wanted to be different and dedicate the podcast interviewing people from the industry, from the biggest publishers to the smallest devs. We also love video game music and include podcasts interviewing some of the best bands we can get on the show and talk about their music as we play tracks from their albums. We hope you enjoy our mix of gaming commentary and music. Oh by the way, we love feedback.

Den: Amado Bustos - Editor
Born into the Atari Generation, I became intrigued with video games almost immediately. Soon NEOGEO, Nintendo, and Atari became synonymous with fun. JRPG, FPS, Action, Horror, pretty much all genres besides RTS and American RPG I enjoy. At first I too was a Nintendo fanboy, but after Resident Evil for PS1, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy 7, I just couldn't deny that the N64 wasn't exactly the "Fun Machine" I thought it was. Never again would I allow my preconceived notions hold me back from enjoying quality software!

PSN ID: elfeo666
WiiU: elfeo666
Xbox Live: mato66
The Butcher
The Butcher: Brad Jerger - Editor
Graphic Designer by day, video game nerd by night. A self confessed Nintendo fanboy that also likes to play multiplayer matches of Call of Duty when stomping on Goombas just isn't doing it for him. He loves to analyze gameplay, is a sucker for good gimmicks, and likes puzzle games. He also likes 80's Metal, watches cat videos for hours, has Rock Climbed 500ft cliffs (for real), worships Vermont, and goes hiking when he's not being a lazy ass.

PSN ID: IanAugust
WiiU: IanAugust
Steam: Da_Butcher
3DS: 1203 9234 5154