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VVVVVV and Pushmo 3DS eShop Game Giveaway (Updated)

The Horse says you're a winner!
The Winners have been selected. Keep your eye out for Episode 68 of the podcast to find out if you've won!

You're in luck internet. We've got our hands on some Nintendo eShop game download codes! We're going to give away one copy of VVVVVV and a copy of Pushmo on the upcoming 68th episode of the Who Burned My Toast Podcast. So listen up and we'll tell you how to get entered into the drawing for your chance to win one of these fine pieces of entertainment.

Actually it's quite easy. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

1. All you need to do is log in and post us a question in the comments section below, send us an email at, or post on our facebook page for the Who Burned My Toast crew to answer on the podcast. Want to know more about these games? Just ask us. Literally any question related to gaming is fair and we'll give you the goods. Heck, we'll answer any question you got. Want to know if the Moon landings we're real or faked? We'll answer it! Go crazy and have fun.

2. Get your question in to us by April 15th 12:00 P.M. PST. You only get one entry for a question. Multiple questions won't get your name entered more than once!

3. Listen to episode 68 of the podcast. We'll randomly select the winners from the list of names received and announce the winners on the podcast. So keep your fingers crossed and don't forget to check back soon. Feel free to subscribe to the podcast by clicking the iTunes icon at the above right.

Thanks and good luck!


  1. Hmm is VVVVVVV on 3ds the same game as the pc version?

  2. Is this for only for America? Does that count as a question? No, seriously, does it?

    That's my three. Though I might give some more educated ones later

    1. Strikester,

      "Is this only for America?" This is a good question actually, since I'm not really sure if Nintendo DLC game codes are region locked or not.

      I'll get back to you and let you know!

    2. ? Should be ok if the account is set to usa.
      Mine club nintendo eshop code for Mario ve donkey kong works once i set region to us.

      but i do have a us 3ds.

    3. So after emailing and calling Nintendo of America. They have no answer for the game download code question. They said to call Nintendo of Australia Strikster.

      Logically I wouldn't think it would matter since it is a download code. If you win the drawing, we'll give it a shot!

      Clay the one issue would be, if you have a 3DS set to one region, switch to another, download the game and then switch back to your region. Will the game still work. Honestly I don't understand why Nintendo does this.

  3. Does Pushmo have a lot of game play length.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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