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Is THIS the Droid you're looking for? (Playstation Phone)

It might be called the Xperia, and it's likely the Droid I've been looking for. Digital pad, dual analogs in the form of a touch pad, large display, online connection, Playstation app. These are a few of my favorite things.

N-Gage couldn't do it. Sony maybe can? Imagine if they'd done this instead of the PSP originally. Boom! Would have been exactly like Nintendo's console dominance with the Wii. iPhone wouldn't have taken such a big bite out of the apple, as it has.

What will this do that other devices don't do?  From the sound of it, not much. The ability to control those "quick and dirty" games with the 'ol fashioned gamers control scheme is what.

There've also been rumors floating around, as they do, about a possible Playstation App for the iDevices, and the Android OS. If that's true, it's likely we won't be seeing any special PSP exclusives ported over to this device. I could be wrong about that, and they've finally just given up hope on selling any PSP's at all.

Will it have some life? Of course - it's a device with a pretty powerful processor on it. Let's hack that shit, and put Super Nintendo games on it; Mame, PSX Emulators, PS2 Emulators, PSP Emulators,  Neo Geo Neo Geo, four bright buttons and two joysticks!

Anyway It's probably going to cost around 400 bucks just like the iPhones and such, unless you sign into a contract with the devils. So whatever, this'll probably just go down as another lame device like the long forgotten "Pocketstation"; What never heard of it?

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  1. Good post - it's funny timing because I was just talking to my wife about this earlier today (she's a much more casual gamer than myself). I love my PSP, I dig my smartphone. Really not sure about meshing them - in my experience most phone games are just a bit lacking compared to all of the shinier 'consoles' I use, and quite frankly most of the time I have my psp on me for trips, and my phone almost all of the time. This device - at this price - just hasn't really head much interest for me.

  2. Thanks for posting Chalgyr. I agree with you about not mixing the two things.

    First of all, your right the games that are usually on the phones aren't very interesting.

    Secondly battery life is already an issue with the PSP... Imagine if you had a smart phone along with it? Dunno man.

    My mind can be changed easily though-- all it takes are the right games. If the games are good. I'm in.


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