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Rare Mario and Luigi Wii Shop Channel download screen reveals itself

I may be one of the few people who still accesses the Wii Shop Channel on a regular basis in order to buy games and get downloads. On Monday I was doing my usual routine of downloading the weeks offered demo and taking whatever game Nintendo is peddling at the moment for a test drive. But this time something different happened that I've never seen before and caught me by surprise. As you may know when downloading from the Wii Shop channel your treated with an animation of Fireball Mario running across the screen collecting coins as a representation of a progress meter. Instead of the usual annoying coin ringing sounds, I was treated to Mario and Luigi swimming and collecting annoyingly loud coins.

Normally this wouldn't be much to note, but apparently this animation is very rare. So rare in fact that it's the first time I've ever seen it since I bought my Wii back in 2006. I promptly busted out my laptop to scan the internet to see if maybe Nintendo had made an attempt to update the horribly broken Wii Shop Channel. Instead I found this Nintendo developer round table discussing about how rare these swimming Mario Bros. really are. I've posted the video for anyone curious to see it for yourself or you can keep your fingers crossed that one day you'll see it in the wild.

Have you ever seen the swimming Mario Bros. before?


  1. Lol! That's amazing. There should be a forum, or a group you can join, as one of the "Blessed" who's seen this super rare video.

    I should make you some Mario and Luigi swimming vinyl to commemorate this occasion.

  2. Start up a Facebook page. I remember the "My Sister will name her baby Meagtron if we get 1 million fans".

    That kid will have the awesomest name in history of the universe.

  3. Whoa...I never knew this!

    For some reason, I tried playing the video when you posted it a few days back...but probably using the laptop, running Netflix, and the desktop was a little much...and the video never loaded.

    I just decided to troll back over and attempt it again...that's really awesome. It makes me wish Nintendo would do more random animations like these...

  4. @Coffee, Like jump on a Koopa and kick its shell across the screen as it collects coins. Mario would then need to jump it everytime is flys past him.

    Did u know that you can shoot fireballs with Mario by pressing A during the normal animation screen?

  5. @Brad Jerger(The Butcher):
    I don't remember if I ever shot fireballs, or if I just remember hearing that...

  6. I saw this today!!! just out of the blue!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing Mr. Anony-mouse. It is so rare that when it does happen it's awfully exciting :D! If you get it again, you should make sure to take a photo of it for us, with you smiling real big too!

    If I see it, I'll make sure to do the same lol.

  8. You are still downloading items from the Wii Shop Channel. You sir are rare!

  9. Saw it today!!


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