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Tommy Tallarico. Sounds like a name you'd hear on Beverly Hills 90210 doesn't it? Ok so maybe that's just me. This guy has become on of the biggest names in video game industry, here's a little about him:

Co-Founder of Video Games Live,  music writer for many video games including Unreal, Pacman World, Maximo, Earth Worm Jim and many many others. Co-Produced Electric Playground, Reviews on the Run (also known as Judgement Day on the G4 network). Advisory board member for the Games Developer Conference, and a Governor for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and... ah well you get the picture.

Anyway I just wanted to bring this guy to your attention and make you watch this video!

I think this about guarantees GDC is going to be a cool place to hang out at.

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  1. Kitty! Sorry I didn't read the article but that kitten is sure cute!


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