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SquareEnix dumps barrels of Radioactive waste in it's graveyard.

As you know there are certain rumors making the rounds on every blog and website about SquareEnix putting a few old interesting games into the PSN library. I just wanted to bring it up here just in case there is someone out there that really doesn't know much about these games, and might enjoy them.

Arc The Lad III - Get the first two, then decide if this one is worth it.

Arc the Lad I (available now on PSN) is great. A bit short as I hear it's supposed to be more of a prologue to Arc the Lad II. Tactics/RPG is the genre.

Arc the Lad II (also available on PSN) was the climax in the story, and actually the close. The story which was started in part I gets resolved very nicely in this one.

Arc the Lad III is a decent game, but feels somewhat unnecessary. The story wrapped up quite nicely in Arc the Lad II, so this one is kind of the odd one out. It's still a decent game, just not as great as the first two (but graphically better sure).

Legend of Mana - Some of the best in game artwork out there.

Seiken Densetsu is part 1 of this series. This game never came out in USA and I believe was a gameboy game. I've heard great things about it but I've never gotten a Gameboy emulator to check it out.

Seiken Densetsu II, in North America this game was known as "Secret of Mana" (about to be released on iPhone). Secret of Mana is revered by a lot of people. It's a top view Action/RPG with a great epic story, and very memorable characters. It was also one of the first and only RPG's to allow people to drop in and out of your game whenever they please for some funky co-op action.

Seiken Densetsu III never released in USA but I did play it on SNES emulator--That game was completely amazing, that's all I'll say.

Now we're at Legend of Mana. Legend of Mana was released on PS1 in June of 2000.  It was graded at an average of maybe a B- or a C+. I played through it and remember enjoying it, but this was back in the year 2,000 so who knows if I'd still enjoy it now. Graphics are still beautiful character designs still look cute, so I think I can enjoy this.

Vagrant Story - Another part of the Ivalice Alliance

I actually didn't get to play this one, but I did watch my good friend Vermin play through some of it. From what I seen it looked really good. It was a game that took place in the same world as another previous Square game. Final Fantasy Tactics. The world is called "Ivalice". Square has continued to use this world to stage some of their more recent games. Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics: A2 Grimoire of the Rift.

A lot of thought and effort was put into Vagrant story, so if you have ever enjoyed any RPG's in the past, this might be a good one for you to pick up if you didn't hear about it in it's time.

Xenogears - Getting this one is a must

One of the most beloved RPG's of all time. Not just by us, but by the Japanese. Metacritic has it at about 83/100.

What's not to like right? Giant robots, anime cut scenes, great artwork, and great music. This one's a must for any RPG anime lover out there.

Koichi Mashimo was the director of this games anime cut scenes. He is most well know for his work on "Ghost in the Shell", and "Neon Genesis Evangelion", if you've ever heard of 'em.

Anyway. I love you all, thanks for reading, and don't worry we'll be recording a new episode soon. Mr. Jerger should be back soon!


  1. Secret of Mana was wonderful. I played the heck out of it on my SNES. What about Secret of Evermore though? Doesn't that fall in the line somewhere?

    Vagrant story was awesome too. Never beat it though.

  2. So far these that I listed are the only ones that have been rumored to come to PSN.

    I agree though Secret of Evermore belongs on PSN. Terranigma needs to be on there, and Einhander REALLY needs to be on there

    I also would love to have Act Raiser II, Star Ocean 1, and 2.

    Ahh the list goes on and on! Too many great old school JRPG's out there.

  3. @Amado: I loved Act Raiser 1 on SNES but I never got into #2.

  4. I was such a Nintendo fanboy I missed most of these on Playstation when it came out. Super NES though was King. But I've never been a huge RPG guy... not much has changed.

  5. Lol. Butch I bet you'd have been way more into RPGs if you had just played some of the titles we talked about. I mean you really really loved "Mother" or what was the name here in the states? I always forget.

  6. omg can someone please comment here and let me know how you're finding this page? This page gets a TON of hits from "google" but that's all it says!

    Please please! Even anonymously! - :D

  7. Squares completely lost my support after all the Pieces of Shit they released onto GBA with the SoM namesake. They lost all my good will when they started releasing SoM mobile games.
    SoM was art created into gaming. It needs to be patiently and lovingly created for it to be a true SoM game.


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