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Music Podcast 13: Demon's Souls

Back in 2009 my world was invaded by a black phantom. This black phantom was called Demon's Souls. A spiritual successor to King's Field which stood apart from all other games of it's kind. In part due to it's design, but mostly due to it's difficulty. Most people after playing this game seem to recall the old days of gaming; when you knew whatever you played was going to kick the crap out of you across the street.
I even reviewed Demon's Souls back then. I gave it a Buttered Toast which is basically a 2/3. Since then I've returned to playing it and as I stated in the musicast I'm 4 play-throughs in.
Anyway Please enjoy this weeks Musicast. Oh! Also visit to pre-order Dark Souls which comes out October 4th.
directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki of FROM SOFTWARE and Produced by Takeshi Kaji from SCE Japan Studio.
Music composed by Shunsuke Kida.


  1. Hello - this is my first time listening to your Musiccasts - But this was quite good, thanks for posting it! :)

    Demons Souls was a tough game, to be sure. It kicked my butt, and I did enjoy it to a point, but it did also frustrate me quite a bit. The music and graphics did an excellent job of creating the dark atmosphere of the game.

  2. This game made me rage like I used to when I was a kid lol. I think that's part of the reason why I had to go back to it -- I hate the feeling of something being "too difficult" for me. One of the reasons I beat R-Types. Once you get to a certain point in that game, probably the half way point, things get way easier, but then you're addicted to that sense of accomplishment that only this game can bring lol.

    Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed it. We'll keep 'em coming, and if you have any requests email us :). Thanks for posting too, it's encouraging to know that someone enjoys these besides us lol.

  3. LOL - no problem at all. Always nice to poke in and see what other people are up to in gaming circles. As for the game rage? Yeah... I remember when I tossed my PS3 controller - something I hadn't done in yeeeeeears. My son looked at me like I had grown horns as I tried to convince him I had only 'forcefully slid' the controller, not thrown it. Since he's not 3 years old.. I don't think he bought it.

  4. This game made kick puppies off bridges. But now I only think about doing that.

  5. Nica podcast. A little different that I'm accustomed. In Brazil (I'm brasilian) usualy is 3 or 4 guys having a chat with some humor independent the theme. Anyway, I liked the podcast and will hear more often.
    I hope that you make a cast of the OST of Scott Pilgrim: The Game.

  6. Thanks Eduardo~ We do that format too, you'll see. We switch back and forth every week.

    Great suggestion for Scott Pilgrim vs The World game. Anamanaguchi are really great musicians. I wish they were also involved in the Movie's music. -- I'll add it to the list.

  7. Akuza ShadowfynxThu Feb 04, 10:02:00 PM

    never forget


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