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Look out! Games of Sept 2011 maybe worth a $#!^

It’s September 1st today and you know what that means? It means there are a ton of games to look forward to this month. Here’s a short list of the ones we find even mildly interesting.

Resistance 3 - 9/6/11
It’s a first person shooter. It’s a PS3 exclusive. It’s the third part in a series; which means you’re probably interested in this because you’ve played the first 2 and want to see more story. The end.

Driver San Francisco PS3, 360 9/6/11
This demo I got to play at E3 2011. It’s a driver game and back when the first one was introduced I loved it. I only spent about 20 minutes with this game and it was just a demo but it could be cool.

War Hammer 40,000: Space Marine - PS3, 360 9/6/11
I really know nothing about this game and in actuality probably shouldn't be in "MY" list but I decided to include it because I know a lot of nerds love Warhammer. Yeah I'm a whore, so what wanna fight about it?!
Rise of Nightmares - 360 Kinect 9/6/11
We got to watch people play this at Pax 2011. We decided not to play it because controlling a first person zombie murder simulator didn’t look all that fun. Take one step forward to go forward. Twist your upper torso to turn your character in different directions, and flail your arms in all sorts of ways depending on what weapon you’re using. There’s definitely some novelty to this game -- maybe like a party game you’ll show your friends but I can’t take this game seriously.

Dead Island - PS3, 360 9/6/11
Really fun, fast paced game play. First person zombie melee survival horror is the best way I can describe this game. Your weapons degenerate which means you’ll constantly be looking for another item lying around on the ground to use when necessary. Amazing gwaphics. One of the highlights of Pax for us.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal - PS3 9/6/11
Bloodrayne wasn't exactly one of the most amazing games ever at the beginning of it's life. The movies made by Ewe Boll weren't anything close to amazing either. So it really surprised me to know that they are trying again with this series. This time however I am very excited for it. I love beautiful artwork, I love beautiful woman, and I love ultra violent games. This is a great combination. 

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten 9/8/11
It’s Disgaea. If you know what that is you’re already going to buy this game. If you don’t know what it is know this; this game can be the last game you ever play. Turn based strategy RPG in the same vein as Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions but with way more items, dungeons, and abilities.

Star Fox - 3DS 9/9/11
One of the games everyone knew would be fun to play in 3D. Star Fox is a futuristic third uhh person space shooter that you all have probably already played on the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or the Gamecube.

White Knight Chronicals 2 - PS3 9/13/11
Semi old school grindy RPG that somehow got a successor. Someone must have enjoyed it. I never played it but I've heard mixed reviews mostly landing in the "Bad" section. Still I think this might be valuable to JRPG lovers.

The Gun Stringer - 360 Kinect 9/13/11
One of Kinect’s big titles. A little skeleton puppet is the main character and you are the puppeteer. One of the most original looking games for the Kinect. Definitely something to look out for.

God of War Orgins Collection - 9/13/11
Warning! These are the PSP games in their new HD release. Don’t expect those graphics you got spoiled with on God of War III. Still this is a great addition to the God of War games. I once heard a whole interview with the developers of these games and they were pretty disheartened with the way the games sold on PSP. They knew that the PSP is a heavily hacked system and because of that they wouldn’t get the credit they so rightfully deserved. Still they put forth so much effort in the creation of these games that I fully recommend buying this if you’re into the God of War series at all.

Bit.Trip Saga - 3DS - 9/15/11
Bit.Trip games are some of the most creative games on the Wii-ware. A lot of people really like these games so this is going to be a great addition to the 3DS titles. We definitely need it too as things are looking bleak for this amazing little console.

Gears of War 3 - 360 9/20/11
It’s big muscular linebackers with guns which have chain saws as bayonettes. What more can you ask for of a third person shooter? Hopefully a multiplayer that isn’t broken :P

 Castlevania: Harmony of Despair PS3 9/20/11
Visuals very similar to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Competitive Gameplay includes a co-op mode, which plays like the "Boss Rush Mode" of previous 2D Castlevania games, but with several rooms and items to find, culminating in a boss to fight. It also includes a versus mode, with battle occurring between players. Some bosses are able to attack players on their way to the fight. The game features playable characters such as Alucard, Soma Cruz, Jonathan Morris, Shanoa and Charlotte Aulin, all from previous 2D Castlevania games. P.S. This came out a year ago on the 360.

Resident Evil 4 HD PS3, 360 9/20/11
If you've never played Resident Evil 4 and were sorely disappointed with Resident Evil 5 you must play this. I mean honestly, what kind of human being are you? Have you not heard that this is the best Resident Evil game yet? Ok so I might be trolling a little bit with that last one, but it is contested. Play it. Play it now.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin - PSP 9/22/11
Any person who’s interested in Japanese RPGs will no doubtedly already know about this game. If for some reason you don’t, you should know about the Persona series. The most recent game done by the same development team is that recent game called “Catherine” that sold gangbusters. This is a must for JRPG fans.

Child of Eden - PS3 9/27/11
Chid of Eden is uhh... it’s umm... Honestly I don’t know exactly how to describe it to you but it’s a game that kind of seems like it’s a space shooter of sorts. It’s in first person, there are tons of pretty colors, fireworks, and trance-like music. I say pick up some hallucinogenics and have fun.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection - PS3 9/27/11
2 of the most renowned PS2 games of all time ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are loved by all. We highly recommend this collection.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD - PS3 9/27/11
Tactical espionage in the third person Tom Clancey’s Splinter Cell games have come a long ways. Very fun and exciting games worth your buck if you’re into the espionage games.

Like I said these aren’t the only games coming out this month but these are the ones that I find the most compelling. I do however want to ephasize one of these games. Dead Island. Sure zombies aren’t new to video games or anything in fact I think Call of Duty just release a zombie moon pack last month and the PS3 should be getting it very soon, but Dead Island does something a little different gameplay wise. Makes you fear for your life! If that’s your cup of tea like is it mine; go pick that up.

Hmm... On second thought, the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus I've been told is essential to every gamer. No wait Bloodrayne: Betrayal seems fun and Resident Evil 4 HD is another essential. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair looks like a ton of fun...

So umm. Yeah those games.

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