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Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 Live Blog. Prepare for horrible Japanese translations

This is probably a horrible idea and is a blog first for Who Burned My Toast, but with minutes to spare before the conference starts I am going to live blog the conference the best I can.

Prepare for misinformation and lots of horrible translations, since I don't know Japanese. So kick back and check up every so often to see how its going. Oh crap it's starting.

8:00 PM: Things start off with a skyward sword hi-res intro. Godd damn it someone needs to move the camera up. Half this carp is cut off! Hi-Res Cut scene and now Miyamoto is on stage with with sword and shield. Talking in Japanese.

8:04 PM: Four Swords Zelda, shows characters playing in all the different Zelda games in honor of Zeldas 25th. No release date given yet.

8:05 PM: Miyamoto is breaking out the wiimote with motion plus. Fears of E3 are running high. Will the demo go well this time? I don't think so. Don't do it Miyamoto San. Don't lose your honor!  So far it looks like Miyamoto isn't playing at all just mimicing different cut scenes and explaining in hand gestures. Is this a good sign?

8:08 PM: They are showing all the gameplay elements possible with Wii motion plus... holy shit just saw link in a mine cart and catching butterflies! Lots of environments being shown.

8:10 PM: Epic boss battle with link flying around a giant bird-fish thing. Bosses are huge in this game.

8:11 PM: Game Montage for 3DS games, Tekken, RE Revelations, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter shown!

8:14 PM: Wii game line up until the Wii dies in Japan. It's already dead here. Nothing new here so far.

8:16 PM: Showing sales chart for consoles.. snore. Comparing Male Vs Female. A Pink 3DS Shown! No second nub here. Ladies Nintendo has you covered.

8:19 PM: Super Mario Land footage. Looks more and more like a Super Mario 64 Galaxy love child.

8:20 PM: Mario Kart. Looks like you can live view your friends playing Mario Kart from the friends menu somehow. If I could read Japanese maybe it would make more sense how it works. Now Mario Tennis... Mario Mario Mario. NOW PAPER MARIO! Coming 2012.

8:21 PM: Luigi's Mansion coming 2012 and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. First Eyes on Animal Crossing. The graphics look marginally improved over Gamecube, but I don't play Animal crossing. I heard Wifi in there but that's about it! Short short demos.

8:23 PM: Something weird is happening on screen. Mii characters are running around in home environments with distorted sounds and Mii heads place on real people. I cant explain it, it's weird as fuck! It's something new that's for sure. Looks like a game staying in JP only for sure.

8:26 PM: Showing off a new card battle game. Where is my Japanese official Amado to identify what series this is. Why is it all in Japanese! What a horrible Idea this is!

8:28 PM: AH fuck cool. Small demo of the Fatal Frame game. Showed the user using AR to take pics of a book in real time to capture ghosts!

8:30 PM: New game with trailer, looks like Dynasty warriors for 3DS with 4 player co-op or VS. 2012.

8:32 PM: SqaureEnix logo and a anime chick... where is Amado? New game with a cellshaded drawing art style. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is the name, coming in 2012 JP. It's obvious this is just a game whore event. It's new game, after new game.

8:35 PM:Project Mirai, Super cute anime miniature anime character singin and dancing to music. Rythm Game. Don't expect this one to come out in the US. My ears are bleeding from the Japanese high pitched pop music... gooooooddddd make it stop.

8:36 PM: Good stuff, RE Revelations and Ace Combat 3: Cross Rumble, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, Theatrhythm. Why does square have to name shit like this? It's confusing. Dragon Quest 3 coming Nov 2 2011, JP only announced. They don't care about us here cuz America sucks. It's all Reggie's fault.

8:38 PM: LOL, a new love plus is coming to JP, MGS 3D Snake Eater, and oh boy Kid Icarus in early 2012. They are explaining the cards that I played with in PAX, but alas don't show them in use. They are flying through this stuff.

8:40 PM: Megaton! Monster Hunter Tri 3G Trailer. Looks like Tri, more weapons, dual weapons, bow and arrows, more robust online area, some new monsters, environments look similar, some monsters with different color palletes, one with glowing green hands. It's seems more bright and colorful than Tri for Wii.

8:44 PM: Monster Hunter Dev on stage peddling his game on 3DS. Sorry I forgot his name! Waiting for the nub reveal.

8:46 PM: They are making hand gestures to me look like nub talk. It's coming out in Japan 12-10-2011.

8:49 PM: He has left the stage, another trailer for Monster Hunter. It looks like real time or in game engine within a new environment not seen previously with your character leapving from rock tower to rock tower trying to escape a monster.

8:50 PM: Hunter in now riding on top of the monster attacking it, MONSTER HUNTER 4! Confirmed for 3DS! Japan only for now! So looks like 3DS is getting more Monster Hunter Love than previously thought. Will Vita see the same love?

8:53 PM: That's it, conference is over. Not a single word about this second analog nub and how it's going to work with Monster Hunter. Maybe this is a Capcom only attachment at this point. Now they are showing Tatsunoko dubbed animation. I have no idea what they are saying but it's funny as shit. They are talking about MH Tri 3G and being happy!

8:57 PM: This cartoon in infinately entertaining... it reminds me of Space Ghost or The Brak Show and they keep showing MH Tri 3G stuff and it's great. You can customize your inventory on the touch screen. This whole event is really for Monster Hunter... lol.

Well I hope the experiment went well and you enjoyed it. They went through the information quick. So the internet was wrong and no new 3DS model was announced.  All we can really confirm is that in fact yes, the 3DS has some third party support under it's wing. It's looking pretty good in Japan at the moment. I'm signing off kids!


  1. O M G. New Monster Hunter?! It has to be coming to Vita as well. They just wanted to steal the thunder.

  2. We'll see at TGS. It will probably be it's own version or something stupid. So your going to buy it for both systems.

    Currently I'm in the I might sell my 3DS if the Vita has some good games on it. I will wait until about 6 months after launch however.

  3. I want to know wtf that weird Mii Head on real peoples body game was about at min 8:23.

    It was so weird and I've played muscle march.

  4. 8:28 PM: AH fuck cool. Small demo of the Fatal Frame game. Showed the user using AR to take pics of a book in real time to capture ghosts! ---- curious about this one. This was on the 3DS then?

  5. Chalgyr, yeah sorry they were showing things so fast I had to move quick. Yes for 3DS. Technically it's a spin off of Fatal Frame. Still looks interestng.

  6. Very cool, Brad. Had not seen that announcement yet, but my wife and I were huge fans of the series on PS2, so that's some welcome news right there. :)


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