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Super Meat Boy!

One big meat to rule them all
So there's this game I got to play at E3. If you listened to the E3 episode you'll have heard about it, but since I talked forever I'll assume that nobody made it that far.

Anyway This game Super Meat Boy is going to be coming out on 360, Steam (PC), and Wii-Ware. So far there is no plans that I've heard of for PS3 unfortunately.

Super Meat Boy is... well actually here's their words on what it's about:

"Super Meat Boy is a game where you play as a boy without skin whos girlfriend who is made of bandages gets kidnapped by a fetus in a tuxedo wearing a top hat and a monocle."

Yeah that's right, a boy without skin is what he said. It's a 2D side scrolling platformer where you play as Meat Boy and up to 5 other various characters. Each are equipped with their own unique abilities and the objective is to get to the bandage girl while trying not to get killed by all the various saw blades, pits, and many other deadly devices littered throughout the levels.

You know what, I'm not doing it any justice. It's basically just like THIS, but with more characters, more levels, more blood, more... everything really.


  1. annd and annndd then the halos came to outer heaven to kill solid snake and the emenies came to rape princess ganon that had to be saved by the metroids who were actually evil because they were actually not really...errrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm the m... m.. the.. the.. the.. they were actually the faces of evil.

  2. Yo Den the link "THIS" isn't working!

  3. Pshh you betta check yo' internet scum! It be workin' fine on my end!

  4. If you have a Xbox 360 and Wii...I think the Xbox 360 version is the one to go with from what I have read.

    Though I will say, I'm not interested in the game right now...even from the footage I have seen of it. Perhaps that will change in time...


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