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Capcom announces Street Fighter X Tekken.
*Mind Explodes

It seems Capcom is single handily trying to revive the fighting genre on its own by releasing a mass amount of fighting games. So far we've gotten Street Fighter IV, Tansunoku Vs. Capcom, Super Street Fighter IV, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and now Street Fighter X Tekken is on the way.

Now if your like me, this announcement caught me by surprise and I'm really curious about how this one is going to play out. From the description on Capcom-Unity it looks to be a Tag style game with the Tekken character coming into the Street Fighter universe and graphics engine used by SFIV. I've was really into Tekken Tag back in the day, but really haven't been following the series since then. I will be watching this game closely to see what new features they may be adding to differentiate it from the others. The merging of brands and reviving retro games has been on Capcom's agenda for awhile now and it seems they aren't going to be stopping any time soon. I think that if anyone has a chance at bringing a series back into the forefront of gamers minds and be succuessful at it; it will be Capcom. They've spent a lot of time focusing on their rabid fan base and it looks like its paying off in spades.

Are you looking forward to another VS fighter from Capcom?
Do you still play Tekken?


  1. Are you looking forward to another VS fighter from Capcom?

    Wow! This caught me off guard too. I'm shocked, amazed, and curiously excited for this. The thought of Heihachi in a Street Fighter controlled world has me all giddy.

    I just wonder, Just as Capcom VS SNK birthed SVC: Chaos--will this birth a Tekken engine fighting game with Street Fighter characters in it?!

    Do you still play Tekkan? (heee it's Tekken)

    Negative. I think we both quit after tag. It just felt like from 1 through tag Tekken had been getting progressively better. Then once Tekken 4 came out, it felt like a whole step backwards, and they haven't gone anywhere since. I know people will disagree, it's just my opinion :).

  2. Someone told me about this announcement last night and I didn't believe them. I was in denial of a dream come true!

    It boggles my mind trying to imagine how it's gonna play....

    "Are you looking forward to another VS fighter from Capcom?"

    Very much so. I was a big fan and avid player of Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I'm not sure if they can top the magnitude of that game. MvC3 seems simpler, from what I hear. I wanted something more complicated.

    "Do you still play Tekken?"

    well, you didn't have to put it like that! saying 'still' implies that it's dying or dead. It's actually THRIVING.

    Tekken 4, they tried to add too many new elements at one time. Which caused a drop down shift. just like GTA4. (everything replaced/improved) = (smaller, weaker, shorter game than predecessor) as it goes, sometimes. they lost alot of fanbase.
    Tekken 5 corrected so much of what people hated.
    Tekken 6 perfected the direction they were heading. That game is intense and i still play it on a regular basis against heavy competition. it's a great time to jump back into the franchise if you were a big tekken tag fan.

    however, if you're not the type of gamer to learn combos and juggles and techniques, you're gonna find yourself overwhelmed and may not experience or appreciate everything they added to game. Kinda like not knowing how to air-combo in MvC2.

  3. "Are you looking forward to another VS fighter from Capcom?"
    I have never purchased any of Capcom's "vs" games, but I am a fan of Tekken.

    "Do you still play Tekken?"
    Tekken Tag was/is my most played Tekken game.
    Somehow, my copy is missing...but I still have the case for it?!

    "Then once Tekken 4 came out, it felt like a whole step backwards, and they haven't gone anywhere since."
    I will always remember Tekken 4 as what I refer to as, "The Tekken that put Heihachi in a diaper."

    My big concern for SF vs. Tekken is my concern with most fighting will it be balanced?

  4. @Vermin
    True, Tekken is not dead yet! I guess to me at the time it kinda was. Like Soul Caliber, the franchise just lost me along the way.

    But you are correct they are still alive. So maybe we will be seeing a Capcom Vs Soul Caliber.

  5. I'm with Coffeewithgames. The most played Tekken game I've played was Tekken Tag. I'm looking forward to play this at a friend's house.

  6. OMG!

  7. @Charlie Chang
    Welcome to the blog! Now do you play Monster Hunter!?


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