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It's official. Monster Hunter Tri will dominate your Wii game-play time.

Did you know that the Wii keeps track of your game-play time and you can access that data through the Nintendo Channel?

As you can see from the image to the right, this is my game-play data from the top five games I've spent the most time with on the Wii. Now if you are a keen observer you will see that Monster Hunter Tri has easily made it way to the top spot in a very short amount of time since it's release on April 20th, 2010.

It's just amazing to me to see how many hours I've totaled since then. All of the others games in the top five seen here, has taken me more than a years worth of play time to get these numbers and they still can't come close to matching MH Tri.

I'm going to keep checking my hours routinely to see how high it goes. At this point I see no end is sight for me and I can see for anyone who gets into this game, the replay value is just through the roof. Just a warning to you all who may wander into Monster Hunter Tri's clutches. It may take over your gaming life.

How many hours worth of Monster Hunter do you have racked up so far?

Where does Monster Hunter Tri stand in your game-play data?


  1. "How many hours worth of Monster Hunter do you have racked up so far?"
    67 hours according to the Nintendo Channel, but it doesn't record actual game-play. I think I'm right under 60.

    Monster Hunter Tri currently sits in 12th place overall on my Wii.

    I have purposely not taken a picture of my top games for a long

  2. lol 186 hrs 52 minutes. Number 1 of course. 2 is 33 hrs of Tiger woods PGA TOUR 10, then Muramasa: The Demon Blade at 25 hours. lol


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