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Metroid Other M has 2 hours worth of cutscenes. Hooray?

I'm alone... so... alone. OMG shut up!
From the very first trailer shown of Metroid Other M. It was obvious that Nintendo was once again trying something new with the series by including team Ninja into the mix. When Retro Studios turned the Metroid series into an FPS with the Prime series, many fans died of a brain aneurysm. But overall I think most people enjoyed the series new direction.

So here we are again at a crossroad with a new take on the series about to be released. News has slowly trickled about the game, but this bit of info caused my video game nerd type of spidey sense to get all tingly and sense danger coming.

Metroid Other M is going to feature a whole lot of back story about our heroin Samus Aran. So much in fact that the creators added a "Theater Mode" so you can watch all 2 hours of the story like a movie. This is explained in the quote below from Famitsu.
"The storytelling aspect of Other M continues to play a major role even after you beat the game, the way [Nintendo designer Yoshio] Sakamoto puts it. "There's a 'theater mode' that lets you view all of the cutscenes linked together seamlessly as a single movie," he explained. "We placed just as much weight on enjoying the story as we did on the action aspects of this game, but it's hard to fully communicate a storyline in a video game with just one playthrough. At the same time, though, it's asking a lot of players to beat the game twice to get it all, so that's where the idea for that mode came from. It lets you make a lot of discoveries, things you missed or dialogue that makes more sense in retrospect. I hope it helps people understand the story better."
So some of you may be asking yourselves. Why Butcher? Why would this incredible news be getting your spidey sense all in a bunch? I have one thing to say. Metal Gear Solid 4. If you've played MGS4 then you know of the ridiculously long cut scenes and story in the game. I felt like you were spending almost the same amount of time watching cut scenes as playing the game. Now, did any of you really know what in the hell was going on in that game? Be honest.

For me this could go either way in terms of really great, to totally horrible. I honestly don't recall Team Ninja being masters of storytelling. If the production values are bad and your forced to watch it, I'm going to have bad flashbacks from MGS4. I'm not saying it's going to be horrible, but it does have me a little concerned with Team Ninja at the helm. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that we'll see Samus in a bikini on a beach somewhere, holding a volley ball.

Would you sit down and watch all of the cut scenes in Metroid Other M's theater mode?


  1. Oh wow. Let me see... Team ninja has worked on:

    Dead or alive 1-whatever
    Dead or alive beach volleyball & Paradise
    Ninja Gaiden: most recent versions

    And you are worries why? Oh right because that list right there is all about boobs, and some bad storytelling.

    They do have pretty good game mechanics on their side however!

    I like Metroid ok, but It's never been one of my heavy hitters. I guess I'll wait until you play it to find out whether or not I'll play it :P

    Good luck Butch!

  2. It's kind of interesting.

    Just tonight(or last night?), I was at a friends, and I brought MHT with me.

    Of course, I forgot to bring my characters/save data, so we had to create new hunters.

    Well, after creating hunters, what do you get...a cut-scene that can't be skipped!

    On a side note...why isn't ARENA MODE unlocked at the beginning of MHT!? We never got to play it because he had to play the single-player to get it unlocked!

    Anyway, back to Metroid: Other M, as long as the cut-scenes can be skipped; I'll be okay with them(whenever I play this game...if ever).

    I actually played Ninja Gaiden last gen on the Xbox, and really enjoyed it. I think Nintendo has been watching this closely, the only thing if I'll enjoy the controls.

    I still think it will be odd at first flicking the Wii Remote towards the television to go into the FPS view.

    As for the question, "Would you sit down and watch all of the games cutscenes in the games theater mode?"
    Perhaps with my wife for a "movie" night or something.

  3. @coffee No idea why Arean Mode wasn't unlocked. You better email Capcom right now!
    Yeah I'm not sure about the FPS Wii remote point thing. Maybe it will make you feel cool when you do it. But I doubt it.

    In terms of the Metroid Movie. I'm just worried that its going to be a mess like MGS4. Yeah a skip function is necessary


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