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Heads up comic book and Batman Arkham fans, Derek Fridolfs episode incoming.


 As the title of this post suggests I just want to inform you people who pay attention to the blog that our next podcast we'll have our good friend Derek Fridolfs coming on to talk about his new project. Here's a quote from his deviant art account:

"Back from another fun NY Comic Con. It was great getting a chance to see so many fans and your words of encouragement help fuel the creative battery for another year. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hi, buy a print, a page, or a commission. It was fantastic meeting all of you. And while DC wasn't ready to announce what Dustin and I have been working on, we're still hard at work on it and will have plenty to show for it once it comes out next year.

But I can announce one project I'm on…BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED!

Today is the release of the Batman: Arkham City game everyone has been raving about in anticipation. And after the success of the Arkham City comics, both the mini-series and the online digital chapters, it was decided to make a regular series out of it. Yup…an ongoing comic that takes place in the Arkham City universe, and I've been lucky enough to be the one to write it!" - D

Click the link to go to his page and read the rest. It's all very exciting. Anyway Here are a few images he gave us to show you all :).


  1. lets see...we have batman, hugo strange, two face and....boobs?

  2. boobs is the most important part. without them the world would suck.

  3. that's why you can't get a woman, idiot


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