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Aliens Infestation releases for Nintendo DS today. We're excited and here's why you should be too.

Aliens Infestion for the Nintendo DS lands its way onto store shelves today. Sega may have had this game flying under the radar with little promotion and it may seem like releasing a DS title at this point in time makes little to no sense. But I'm here to tell you that there are some good reasons why you should at least give the game a look, we certainly are. To be honest I haven't played the game, so I'm going with my gut instinct on this one. So come join me and let me tell you why you should be excited for this game. Here, let this trailer whet your appetite.

Reason 1: It's made by Wayforward
Does Shatnea's Risky Revenge, Contra 4 or A Boy and His Blob ring any bells in your head? Wayforward has a great track record of making old school 2-D style games and mixing it with fantastic animation. It's almost as if the company is writing a love letter to the genre every time they make a game. When you play one of their games you can really tell these guys know what their doing and can do it damn well. I can't possibly think of another developer that is more equipped to bring a 2D side scrolling exploration Aliens game to life.

Reason 2: Art and Design
Aliens Infestation features characters designs from the famous comic book artist Chris Bachalo. Which is kind of crazy since the game features 20 different colonial marines for you to play as. Which to me begs the question, why do we get so many Marines at our disposal? My bet is that in this game, you're going to die in many gruesome ways.

Reason 3: 2D action retro gaming FTW
From all the descriptions and information about the game. There are two things that get me really excited for this game. Exploration and tons of weapons. This game sounds like Metroid with Flamethrowers and Grenades. To be honest there isn't enough of these type of games around for us to play anymore. Love live 2D!

Reason 4: It's an Aliens game, need I say more?
This reason you can chalk down to nostalgic fan service, but for anyone my age it's hard to ignore anything Aliens related. The Xenomorphs are the quintessential scary as shit, bad ass movie monsters of cinema. The movies were so defining for Sci-Fi horror that no one has quite ever captured the magic and impact that those acid bleeding Aliens did in the 80's. If you're a young gamer and haven't seen an Aliens movie, do yourself a favor. Get a copy of the movie (1 or 2), grab your youngest sibling, turn of the lights, and scare the crap out of them and yourself. Then play this game! It will be good times for all.

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