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It's time to say goodbye to Select Start and say Hello to our new name "Who Burned My Toast?". We're announcing that the Select Start name will be terminated and we will be moving the blog to a new URL. We know that Select Start was short lived but we feel that in the end the name just didn't represent us well enough and frankly everyone else and their mom was using it. It's still going to be a blog about Video Games and the crap that pisses us off about them. The blogs look and feel may change as time progresses but we'll let you know when that is ready to go as well.

The site will officially be converted to on Friday, November 6th when we get around to it. We have days jobs so things take time in the real world to get done dammit. Our new email will be and our Twitter is going to be wbmt_blog. When your toast gets burned by a game we'll be there scrap off the burnt bits with a machete.

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