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A Boy and his Blob

Just going to say this right off the bat: I really enjoyed this game.

It starts out with a little kid at his tree house who sees a meteor, and goes to the landing sight. He finds a little, white blob on scene and shortly thereafter, he befriends the creature. This little blob has a voracious appetite for jelly beans, which can transform him into a variety of things—including but not limited to: a ladder, a ball, a jack, a rocket, and many more. You must then use these jelly beans and the blob to pioneer your way across a platform-like, puzzle-type 40 levels and 40 mini levels.

The first 10 levels take place around the tree house where you and the blob met. Once you beat the boss of that area, you move on to the city, and then eventually a far off planet. Each level is about 10 to 30 minutes long depending on how far into the game you've progressed; and also the time it takes to look for the treasure boxes in each level (there are 3 treasure boxes per level). After collecting all 3 and finishing the level, the game will then open up a new level that is actually just a puzzle level, which is very short and sweet.

This game is very fresh and exciting. The world is designed beautifully, the characters are lovable and memorable, and the control is simple. All of these things combined make for a fun, genial experience.

How can a game about a fat blob and a little kid with a ton of jelly beans be this delightful you ask? Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine that I'm standing at a platform and right before me is a very large canyon coming into view. All I have is a jelly bean that turns my blob into a parachute. Can you guess what I have to do next? :D That's right. After I feed the blob, I jump off the platform, open the chute, and there are little mines making a small path for me to float down gracefully. But oh noes! There seems to be a mine that's moving back and forth underneath me! It's going to disrupt my graceful decline. Either I have to slow down the chute so that it passes before I get there, or I put the chute away so that I free fall passed the moving mine, only to hopefully deploy it again in time so as not to hit the other mines below!

That is just one example of my favorite moments in the game. That doesn't include all the other little jelly bean throwing, anvil dropping moments that had me giggling like a little boy. And it doesn't stay easy! There were times when I had to check what jelly beans I had available to me, determine my surroundings, take a moment to strategize the possibilities, then quickly execute!

Graphics: The graphics are great! Everything is hand drawn and animated in a very 'disney-like' manner. Even the artwork itself seems to be coming from a time when 2D animation was at its peak.

Music: The music showed that they really went above and beyond with pretty much all aspects of this game. It really felt like the music for each level fit the backdrop well. That said I won't be picking up the soundtrack of this game, but I really did enjoy it in the game.

I am definitely endorsing this game! I really hope more companies decide to follow in WayForward's foot steps. I give this game my highest rating: Butter & Jam Toast!

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