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Wiiware Demo Mondays: Lilt Line

Alright people I went the extra step this time around and recorded my own video to my hopefully re-occurring series Wiiware Demo Mondays. It's my first attempt at making a video with my shitty recording setup, so bear with me while I massage and refine it.

This weeks demo release is Lilt Line the first published game by Gaijin games. Its a simple game where you guide a line through a series of 15 tracks while hitting beats in time on the screen. The more times you hit the wall or miss a beat the less points you receive. I found the game to be rather challenging once the difficulty ramps up. The music is provided by a dubstep soundtrack and the visuals are very retro, geometric, with a bright color pallette. Go check it out and you'll be glad to know its only $5 bucks.

Next time around I'll do some more elaboration in my video, at least I lost my video virginity.


  1. I have one of the Bit games, but haven't completed it...backlogged like many others now.

  2. Which Bit Trip game do you have? I have Bit.Trip.Beat and Bit.Trip.Runner. Gaijin just published this game.

    I know what you mean I have about 8 games in my back log... mostly Wiiware games to finish. MMMmmm need to get rid of day job.


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