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Wiiware demo Monday... yes we know it's Tuesday.

I wanted to get this up yesterday but my day job got in the way. But I want to come back every Monday and feature the new Wiiware demos that were released since Nintendo is incapable of doing that on its own for some reason. So far Nintendo is offering one new demo a week for a total of 4 demos being featured in the Nintendo channels main homepage at one time. If you want to find previous releases demos your going to have to dig into the "Newest Additions" section of Wiiware. Good luck with that.

This weeks new game demo is Fluidty. Published by Nintendo.

As you can see from the video your in control of a pool of water and you tilt the screen in order to move the water throughout the level to solves puzzles, find hidden items, and your main goal is to find hidden rainbow water drops. As you collect these drops you will be given access to more levels. The way the water looks and feels it reminds me of those little Mercury based hand held puzzles they had around as I was a kid. Who thought it was a good idea give a kid Mercury in a cheap plastic container? Oh yeah it was the 80's.
The game has a very polished feel to the design and you can do more than just control the water but tilting it. As you progress you will gain more powers such as being able to attract the water into a tight ball and then explode it, make the water jump, turn into ice, or turn into a water vapor cloud to name a few. The ways you use the water to solve puzzles from the demo are very clever and I thought the way the levels designed were unique. The levels are based on chapters of a book. So one level will consist of one giant level with different puzzles and places to explore within it. Once you find enough drops in the level you will then open up the next chapter.

I found the demo to be quite good and the game has nice visuals to go along with it. The puzzles were fun, although not too challenging in the demo, but I really enjoyed my time with it. I would recommend you definitely download it and try it out.

The full version of the game is going to run you 1200 Wii points. That's first party prices for you.

If you tried the demo, what did you think of the game?

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