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Dying to play Dead Space 2?

Well you're in luck! Dead Space 2 has a Demo, and it's available right NOW on XBL, and PSN!

If you've never played Dead Space, it's either because you've never heard of it, or because you were too scared to continue playing it. I joke not, people refuse to finish this game because it's "too scarry". Naturally I love it. One of the best horror games I've played in a long time.

Play the demo guys and gals. Go to your consoles and download the demo. You don't even need to play the first one to enjoy this second one (although I do recommend it). This video that was just debuted yesterday will help catch you up on the story.

I hope this one is just as good as the first, or better!

EDIT: Added demo video.


  1. Dying! LOL getting fancy with those straplines Mado. Keep it up.

  2. You know, I have only played about 20-30 minutes of Dead Space Extraction...didn't really enjoy the cut-scene heavy beginning of the game, and returned it soon after.

    I haven't played the original Dead Space either, but I guess I should get around to at least trying to download the demos now, since they are free...

  3. @ Coffee I haven't played much of Extraction, but I've heard it's pretty different. The original dead space played out more like a regular 3rd person shooter but way more freaky!

    I just added a video to this post, check it out. That's part of the Demo.

  4. @coffee, to bad you didn't give DS Extraction some more time to grow on you. Dead Space series is pretty heavy on story and I kinda enjoyed the more cinematic driven take on the rail shooter genre. I thought the gameplay was solid too. You can read my review to see what you missed :-)

  5. @Amado:
    I watched the video, and not sure what I think...other than I need an HD TV!

    Yea, I don't know why, I just didn't give it time...I had rented it, and ended up I think getting New Super Mario Bros. Wii after I returned it.

  6. @coffee

    I gave the wrong URL above. Stupid... stupid.

  7. Played the Dead Space 2 Demo yesterday... It's great, more of the stuff I loved from the first one. It was a little tricky getting used to flying around with the new boots, but man those babies freaked me out.


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