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Super Meat Boy ground up and cancelled
on Wiiware.

The Wii is also a meat grinder!
On December 23rd we got some sad news about Super Meat Boy for Wiiware. Team Meat announced via Twitter that "there will not be a Wiiware version of SMB. we are looking in to retail Wii, bit its also looking grim. still looking though."

It may have been sad news for everyone to hear right before the Holidays and for all the Wii owners that were looking forward to the game releasing on their little white console. It's been a know fact that Team Meat was working on attempting to squeeze the game down to the ridiculously small 40MB size limit that Nintendo imposes on all Wiiware games. But in the end it was decided that too much was going to be sacrificed from the game and instead of releasing a gimped version, they have opted to not release it at all on Wiiware.

There is a small chance that the game may make a retail release on Wii, but according to Team Meats statements from Twitter it's not looking so great either.

Would you have liked to see a Wiiware version of the SMB regardless if the game was not a complete version?

Do you think Nintendo's 40MB size limit on Wiiware is hurting the service?


  1. I haven't really been interested in the game, so it doesn't bother me...but I think the whole situation shows Team Meat is poorly managed.

    40MB may be small, but the developers KNOW the file size limit when they are starting the development of the game, there's not reason other than ignoring it to go over the limit when developing a WiiWare game.

    If games like Max and the Magic Marker, Rage of the Gladiator(lots of voice acting and 3D graphics), and others can fit and be fun, I don't see 40MB being a problem.

  2. All very good points. It does seem odd that those other games fit perfectly fine within their constraints, and these guys went in with the intention of releasing this solely for wii-ware, yet they can't get it right.

    I wonder what's really going on in the belly of that beast.

    I am sad though because this means I either have to get it on my Mac when it comes out for Mac, or my XBOX 360--I hate the 360's controller for anything other than FPS. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE...


  3. Well the game wasn't originally developed for Wiiware, but I think they thought it could be done. I think the main thing that was creating the issue is the sheer amount of music in the game that was contributing to the file size issues. Lost Winds and World of Goo seemed to pull it off, but Meat Boy does seem to have alot of content. Any PC or 360 owners out there with thoughts?

    I wish Nintendo would have accommodated there larger file size for the game since technically you could have a 256 MB game loaded onto the on-board memory.


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