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Pluribus Unam, Shuma-Gorath we will Obey.

Shuma-Gorath is one of the oddest characters in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 line-up. He was first debuted in Marvel Super Hero's: The Fate of Two Worlds" which was one of the best god damn arcade fighters of it's time.

So why should anyone give a shit? Well for one he has tentacles. Naughty ones perhaps yes, but definitely deadly ones. If you head over to capcom-unity they have a really awesome deal going on.

Apparently they had the community members vote on different designs for their awesome pre-order gift. They called it "Marvel vs Capcom Waste of Flesh t-shirt". I personally really like this design a lot, and am going to be pre-ordering this for the t-shirt!

To order and receive this amazing t-shirt click on the "store" button on the top there. Or just click here... Jeez you lazy bast....

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