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Pay what you want for 5 indie games. The Humble Indie Bundle #2 is back.

The Humble Indie Bundle #2 is a charity event where you get to get name your own price for five indie games and also donate to charity at the same time. The games are Mac, PC, Linux compatible and DRM free. The best part is that you can divide the money up however you wish, so if you want the developers to get your hard earn cash so be it. Want to save the children? Go for it.

You only have six days left to get the bundle, but I think it's really great deal for anyone who's been waiting to try one of these games or if your looking for a holiday gift for someone.  

Have you played any of the indie games on the list above?


  1. I haven't played any of these games, and Braid is the only one that sounds familiar.

    Glad to see the developers do this though, with the option for helping a charity.

  2. I own Braid on PSN, its a interesting time based puzzler, its pretty challenging. Machinarium is a beautifully drawn clever point and click puzzler. The other ones are new to me, but for the price you can own all of them its worth it plus it makes your tummy feel all worm when you donate.

  3. I really want to check out Braid and Machinarium. I'll probably enjoy them all though.


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