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Christmas comes early... I mean right on time for PC gamers!

We usually don't pay that much attention to the PC console, and for that we're sorry. But we are trying! Here's me trying.

Steam just released a list of games that are up for grabs on the cheep. There are quite a few gems in there, so for your PC gamer of your life, check this list out! Yes Super Meat Boy is on that list and it is only $3.75!

Also on steam SquareEnix Eidos has a big fat juicy packet of games for an insanely cheep price! Normally if you bought all of these individually you'd have to pay: 606.68. This bundle is 74.99! It includes all the updated Womb Raider games, Front Mission Evolved, Kayne and Lynch, Final Fantasy XI Collection, and well shit many many other goodies! Check out this list!

C'mon you pirates, lets encourage our developers to keep churning out good games by paying for them!

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