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Parasite Eve 3: The Third Birthday

Raise your hand if you've ever played Parasite eve by Squaresoft. No hands? Seriously? C'mon. Yes one hand there! Ok well here's a picture of the main character Aya Brea.

Well that picture is from a moment where she wasn't bleeding out of her eyes, or fighting deadly monster/demon/beasts/mitochondria.

I don't remember the story too well, and I'm too lazy to look it up, but honestly that wasn't what made this game stand out to me anyway. It was the battle mechanic and the customization.

This was one of those Squaresoft (now SquareEnix) experimental type of games sort of like Einhander... We'll talk about that one on a different post.

First of all the first game was set in New York, and in modern time. Which means that she won't be wielding a sword and shield, she'll be wielding firearms. Aya is a police officer so she has access to all of the best weapons you can think of.

That already goes way off the beaten path with RPG's because believe it or not this was an RPG. When you go into a battle you fight where you stand. Now in order to attack it is still an active meter that you must wait for to fill up before you can attack, but one of the main differences was that you get to run around the area in real time while you wait. Then when you're ready to attack you push the button, and a sphere appears around you showing your range depending on the weapon your equipped with. If anything is within range it'll also give you a % of accuracy and possible damage. It was good.

Another thing was that you could upgrade your weapon with all the stuff you'd expect to do. The fire element, ice element, poison element stuff like that, but another thing you could do was upgrade the weapons power, range, amount of shots, or spread-shot abilities.

Anyway I don't know exactly how this third one will play because in the second one they took out a lot of those amazing elements, but I hope it'll be good! looks good! Watch.


  1. I have no idea what I just watched...perhaps the thoughts of somebody that switched to decaf coffee, and they are having withdrawals?

  2. Lol no way! Not decaf. I've been drinking some Marrone espresso beans. Good stuff.

    As for this trailer, I wouldn't expect either of you two to be excited for it.

    1. it's a PSP game.
    2. did either of you play Parasite Eve?
    3. I don't think either of you really like JRPG's that much do ya?

    so :P~ (Raspberry) I'll definitely be gameflying this first, but I can't wait to check it out. I've been waiting for Square to do another one of these Parasite Eve games.

  3. PSP = FAIL!(my trolling comment for the hour)

    I haven't played Parasite Eve, but Mrs. CwG has, "A long time ago."

  4. 1: PSP ewwww
    2: Summers Eve?
    3: What's a JRPG? Japanese Really Poor Game?

  5. i dont know about the third but i do want to play the first two,although i dont like rpg very much

    1. Play at least the first one. I had trouble getting into the second one, but the first one is definitely one of my most favorite Square RPGs of all time. -- Very different back then.


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