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Pixels by Patrick Jean

This is so interesting that I had to actually post this up on the blog :O!

I recently posted this up on facebook, but just in case there is anyone out there that doesn't "like" us on facebook I really want to share this with you all. state that "Happy Madison" is going to make a movie of this... "Ghostbusters-like action comedy" is the way it's worded for now. Anyway check this out:

I'm very interested in this movie. VERY! Are you?


  1. MMmmm a movie of this sounds stupid. What are they going to have giant pixel dicks flying around the sky or 8-bit characters running around saying dumb shit to Adam Sandler?

  2. It could be an interesting idea, but I think the scripting will make it or break it, if they are going the comedy route with it.

    It seems a lot of comedies these days try to hard, and that's where I think they fail. Ghostbusters was a very good concept, mixed with the right lines/actors for the time.

  3. You know that is true. It is Adam Sandler after all, and even though his original skit tapes were really funny, most of his movies were kind of dumb (some did have their moments though).

    I just really like this animated film here. Maybe it'll be one of those things that turns out to be horrible, but I really want to see someone try.

  4. I'm not sure how interesting that movie will be to the average person but that video looked dam cool. even it is only to see whats going to happen next

  5. That is true Owen. The more I think about it the less excited I get. Not only is it going to be a movie based on a 5 minute demo video, but it's also going to be Adam Sandler's studio and writers and stuff.

    Most of his movies are really really dumb :(.


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