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Call of Duty: Black Ops sets another sales record all thanks to you!

It feels so good against its skin
Hot of the presses and Bobby Kotick's cocaine pinky nail is the earth shattering news that you all knew was coming. Call of Duty Black Ops sold big, real big. According to the press release by Activision it has "Shattered" last years Call of Duty Mondern Warfare 2 sales record by a cool 50 million. 

Its estimated grand total is 360 million dollars in North America and the United Kingdom with a total of 5.6 million copies sold. It is now being touted once again by Activision as the biggest entertainment launch ever since the last time Kid Rock came to your town to sing "Bong da bong da bong di dang diggy diggy something bong sha da boogy" (those are the lyrics right?). So everyone needs to bow down in honor of this glorious day. I'm sure Bobby is smoking a fatty right now with his boys, shooting chickens for fun. 

"There has never been another entertainment franchise that has set opening day records for two consecutive years and we are on track to outperform last year's five-day global sales record of $550 million," said Bobby Kotick, CEO, 

Good job guys you did it! See you next November when Activision does it again with Space Marines (you know its coming)... and you will love it.

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  1. LOL Great image man. You know, I thought for a second that was Mr. Fridolfs!


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