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Cursed Crusade

Hi friends.

Some of you might remember a particular game that I once reviewed called "Demon's Souls". I hated it so much, I threatened babies all over the world.

I must be a glutton to punishment because I now have that game once again and am enjoying the pain. But that's not why I'm posting this evening. The reason for this post is because the same publishers who published "Demon's Souls". A company called ATLUS is now publishing a game called "Cursed Crusade" and it looks quite promising.

Have a look:

To be fair this isn't the same developers as Demon's Souls (FROM SOFTWARE) and it's Kytlonn Entertainment that is developing this one. Anyway I've got my eye on this one. Atlus please keep 'em coming!

--Thanks to our friend John Dubay for the tip!


  1. So it this Project Dark or what? Could there still be a Demon's Souls sequel in the works?

  2. Na it's not. I thought it was when I first seen this video, but it's a different dev studio entirely. I bet though Demon's Souls had a huge influence on these devs.

    Sequel I think not. According to "From Software" their next game, code name "Project Dark" isn't a direct sequel, it's a spiritual successor.


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