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(Update) PSN is still down. What, want to fight about it?!

Another updated from Sony. User account information have been compromised. Email and Passwords and address information has been taken. There is no word on Credit Card Information but I wouldn't sit around waiting on that one. Change your passwords on any account you have the uses the same email as PSN and keep an eye for scams and your credit card accounts. Thanks Hackers, your awesome. Way to show the gamers your fighting the good fight.

We've got an update on what may have caused PSN to go down. CFW software codenamed "Rebug" allows people to log in as if doing it from a developer console giving them the ability to ad funds to any PSN id using a dummy credit card. Read more here. Thank's Richard (IronGiant) for the link.

Oh man! As if it's not enough that fanboys everywhere are fighting about XBL and PSN Microsoft throws fuel into the fire! If you're not sick of babies fighting about dumb shit yet, here's more comments field underbelly to look at.

If the answer to that question is YES. Then I found the perfect place for it. Kotaku, a very well respected (or not) site about video games, technology, and lots of other awesome stuff has the perfect battleground. To the comments! 1,400 comments and counting.

I love the comments section in most of these big sites. it's like... It's like turning over a rock in the middle of the woods -- so fucking gross to look at, but so damn entertaining to read!

Seriously though PSN is down and Kotaku is keepin' the kids updated. Go there, then come back here, and please tell me what your favorite comments were :D!


  1. "Kotaku, a very well respected site..."

    Uhhh...they are? They're up at the top of the list of trash "journalism" sites I can think of.

    Awesome picture though!

  2. lol! I guess I should have just said "popular".

  3. Here are a few choice ones:

    Not a problem. *Signs into XBOX LIVE*

  4. sandorasbox:
    Its just ironic, on a lot of levels, when people claim that paying for LIVE ensures that its the better service. I mean, sure, when you compare it to something that is run as a free service (the PSN), its much better because it should be better- youre paying for it.

    But then compare it to Steam, an entirely free service, and its a joke. The only ads on Steam are for games, you dont have to pay for updates to your games, and you dont have to use spacedollars that were designed to help you lose sight of how much youre actually spending.

    I'm not trying to incite a fanboy war or anything, I just dont get why people love LIVE so much when its so focused on getting your money. Maybe it s the cynic in me but its always felt kind of gross (even the green/white color scheme is reminiscent of money, bahaha).

  5. DracoCross:
    I think it has to do with the "get what you pay for" mentality. You see this all the time in the art fields, if you give it away or charge a minuscule amount and people tend to think its not good or something is wrong with it but charge a higher amount and people tend to assume that they are getting a higher quality product.

    Ive tried both and personally, i find that i enjoy Live much more than PSN, the services and the people. I hate playing multiplayer on PS3 because it seems like everyone doesnt know what the hell they are doing, as an example: BFBC2... people just stand in one spot and waste entire clips like a bunch of retards, first time i played it which happened to be first time using a PS3 since release, i pulled out a ratio of 34 to fuckin 5... thats with me learning the controls on the spot... same thing happened on MoH.

    But that was just my experience so...
    also, MS points arent hard to keep track of:


    i will admit however that the pricing of things is annoying as you may at times end up with like 40 left over points which hang in limbo until you buy more points.

  6. This isn't a quote but I like their anonymous response

    Anonymous has been the prime suspect, since it’s already pulled this kind of stunt. A statement attributed to Anonymous claims it had nothing to do with the incident and instead blames Sony’s “incompetence.”

  7. "A more likely explanation is that Sony is taking advantage of Anonymous' previous ill-will towards the company to distract users from the fact the outage is actually an internal problem with the company's servers."


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