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As promised we are continuing our Musicast and episode 2 is here and ready for your listening pleasure.

I'll be your host this week and will be featuring one of my favorite racing games of all time, F-Zero. The soundtrack to F-Zero brings back fond memories of playing video games late into the night at my cousins house and screaming at the television wondering why this god damn game was so hard. The soundtrack does a great job of fitting into the futuristic universe that the series was set in as well as matching the sense of speed the game produced with its Mode 7 graphics.

F-Zero: SNES
1.Mute City, 2.Death Wind, 3.Big Blue, 4.Port Town, 5.Silence, 6.White Land I, 7.Fire Field, 8.Red Canyon, 9.White Land II

F-Zero X: N64
10.Red Canyon

F-Zero GX: Gamecube
11.Mute City, 12.Feel Our Pain, 13.Bio Rex

Please let us know what you think of the new series and don't forget to send us in your requests for game soundtracks for us to feature. We hope you enjoy this weeks Musicast.

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