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The Glowing Stars, Peelander-Z, and Anamanguchi rock out at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco

Peelander-Yellow (a.k.a. Kengoswee) and my fat face
Last Thursday I walked my fat ass down to the DNA Lounge and checked out the 8BitSF concert featuring some great bands. We posted about the concert last week on the blog, I hope you got a chance to go down and enjoy the show.

I took some video and pics of the concert while I was busy drinking copious amounts of PBR and collecting Miis on my 3DS with StreetPass. It was a really entertaining concert and I would recommend you keep an eye out for these bands if they come around to your neighborhood. I apologize in advanced for the shaky cam, I may have had a few too many drinks. To check out the videos of the bands I captured hit the jump link below.

The Glowing Stars had their first live performance that night and made a good impression with the audience. The band is composed of the duo team of Lizzie Cuevas on Guitar and Matt Payne on Drums. This 8-bit indie style rock band mixed it up with a Gameboy, Keytar and performed a great cover of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now". Overall it was a good first time out of the gate, even though they had some technical difficulties with their Gameboy on one song. You should check out their new demo at one their sites

Peelander-Z hails from New York City and feature a style of music they dub "Japanese Action Comic Punk". The stage show is something truly not to be missed. The band donned Anime/Pro-wrestling style outfits featuring themselves as Peelander-Yellow, Red, Green, and Pink. Their stage antics included a giant squid, human bowling, an crowd exercise routine, and a whole lot more crowd participation; Peelander-Z are true rock stars. At one point in the show they even replaced the entire band with people from the audience and commenced to crowd surf. It's been awhile since I've been entertained this much by a band. And best of all, I got to learn my vowels as you'll see in this video.

Anamanaguchi comes back a second time in less than a year to the DNA Lounge. It's also the second time that I've seen the band live. They were good the last time, but it seemed they have come back with more energy and stage presence this time around. The crowd was definitely larger and maybe the extra energy oozing from the shirtless crowd (yes there was lots of shirtless men for some reason) got the band amped up. Anamanaguchi has this fast punk almost poppy sound that I usually don't go for, but mixed with their 1985 NES it somehow just works. I think the band is going to keep growing in popularity if they keep this up.

I had a great time at the show and I hope you enjoyed a taste of the bands. If you a fan of 8-bit or chiptune music DNA Lounge in San Francisco is the place to find some good shows. So go out and kick ass, figuratively of course. Also here are some bonus photos from the show for your enjoyment.


  1. Sucks I didnt know about these guys earlier...I guess they played in DC in January...erg.

  2. @Amado, They are going on tour soon. You should request them to stop by your neighborhood, just makes sure to promise security.

    @Geer, Which band are you referring too?

  3. Anamanaguchi---they played at the Black Cat which is like 5 blocks from my house.

  4. @E.B. Next time do it up man and get lost in the nostalgia.


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