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Sony's 'S1' PlayStation tablet is coming to join the party.

My photoshop skillz are supreme

Sony is proving to be a very busy company indeed over the last few months. With the announcement of the NGP(PSP2), the new Sony Ericcson phone, and Sony Playstation Suite. It looks like the companies future is bright. Engaget reports that Sony is now poised to release a new tablet device codenamed the "S1" and it has some very interesting features. For more detailed specs on the device hop on over to the article. What I want to focus on is two key features for the device after the jump.

Weird design. Thx for the image Engaget. ;-)
There are a few things that makes this device particularly interesting. One is the unique shape of the S1. Its akin to a folded magazine, so it is meant to be held in the hand more easily and the fold helps hold the tablet at an optimum angle for typing.

The next big news is that the tablet will also be supporting the Playstation Suite and will come preloaded with PS One games right out of the gate. Now its clear this thing is meant to be used for gaming and its obvious Sony is going to use its gaming chops to take on the Ipad in the tablet space. I'm curious to see how powerful this thing may be and it is rumored that the price is going to hit around the same as Apple's ridiculously popular tablet. 

From the looks of it Sony is attempting to attack the industry on all fronts, fighting a three way battle. Fighting the 3DS with the NGP, karate chopping the Iphone with its own smart phone, and now taking on Apple with a possibly more gaming focused tablet. Spearheading this charge is Sony's large and established archive of games and its solid position in the gaming industry. With the Playstation Suite being run on Android platforms, Sony seems to be attempting to beat Apple at its own game by delivering games to the masses on all sorts of platforms. Being a part of Android definitely gets them a huge opportunity to spread out to many different types of consumers interested in gaming and cool tech. Will it work? All I can say is that they have a giant mountain of Steve Jobs steaming crap to climb first, but who knows maybe the "S1" will be the first Hardcore gamers tablet and will offer something new.

Would you be interested in a gaming tablet if it had the Sony brand as well as its games attached to it?


  1. Hmm... Tablet. I don't really have a use for a tablet just yet. I use my laptop as a mobile computing device and I have a PSP for some good 'ol mobile gaming.

    I dunno man, these tablets don't give me any good reason to buy them besides the 'cool' factor.

  2. Yeah I have no desire for one either, but they are the bees knees ATM and if your going to compete with Apple and their quickly expanding games market your going to need some big games to attract people, maybe even hardcore people. You like portables! This maybe the best portable evah bro!

  3. The Playstation Suite is going to be on every Android device. So that means the games for it will be limited by the weakest device that uses it probably. It's coming with a bunch of PS1 games preloaded onto it.
    Unless this thing can do better than that, I don't see it as the best portable. NGP still sounds better to me.

  4. Maybe the batteries will last longer! oh snap!


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