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The Metroid Other M TV spot dresses to impress

If you want to see the HD version go to the Nintendo site here

Normally I wouldn't highlight an advertisement for a game, but I personally walked away from watching this one really impressed. It's a blending of live action and gameplay that all comes together in a way that makes the game look not only fantastic and entertaining, but it also peaks your interest about the games story. I know I may have been duped by some fancy marketing, but it was just enough to push me into the "I gotta play this" category. And best of all you get to see a live action version of Zero Suit Samus. Wowza!

Now this isn't the first time I've been dazzled by a Metroid commercial, when the Metroid Prime TV ad came out, it also gave me the same consumerist instinct to buy it. I guess it just tugs on my dream that one day Metroid could make it onto the big screen and be a kick ass movie. Just keep that bastard Uwe Boll away from my Samus!

Are you planning on purchasing Metroid Other M?
Do you think this TV spot may entice people to play Metroid Other M?


  1. "Are you planning on purchasing Metroid Other M?"
    Nope. No money or time!

    "Do you think this TV spot may entice people to play Metroid Other M?"
    Yea, I think it will. I think it's a well produced commercial.

  2. @Coffee - You and I are in the same boat my friend, well the money part. I got plenty of time now!


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